Sarah Müller


Delirious daisies dancing in desire
Yellow tulips dazzling my gaze
Sometimes it’s a cold world for a warm heart
Ocean blue eyes caught in a blinding haze.
I’m a roller coaster
I go up and down
Up and down
I come back all the time
I am the master, this is my town.
Freezing wind killing the apples in the orchard
Dozens of demons team up at night
Yet everything’s forgotten with aurora’s kiss
Unfortunate veils can turn out to be revealing
Bitten lips talking over your choice, cynically.
Ineffable euphoria
So happy you could die
He had to walk through hell
For you to recognize he was an angel
He can save you from drowning,
just keep dancing under his spell.
October lets the oak trees die
But something’s born again
With every winter that is to come
In deep dept, let me be your ally.
O the oblivion
I cannot seem to rest
Luring lullabies put me to the test
O golden october, I feel so overwhelmingly blessed
Dressed and oppressed in your colorful leafs.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Sarah Müller.
Published on on 01/03/2023.


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