Saskia Charlotte Junker

The various lies of the pervert persecutors on health etc.

as well there have been once again people trying at a new accomodations to tell them the next lie.

As well they still say I would not be saskia Charlotte but I would be Silvia, Samantha, Janina ,Marion pr any other bitch who would have stolen documents..
Well.. I have not stolen anything but some other people evidently did steal so-called  "vaccines" and identifiers and communicators !
To the USA goverent.once have my FINGERPRINTS on file eversince my visa application in October 2018 at the Milano Consulate and it was my C1/D visa that came along with my B1/B2 visa with which I entered in 2022. 

So before you believe idiots you better check and compare the fingerprints.or did a son of a bitch even lie to officials telling that I in 2018 would have stolen a passport or falsified it? Well this passport was issued in 2015 by Germany and contained already the biometricsl data and fingerprints of me Saskia Charlotte. As you know the USA consulate does keep the passport they give visas for for a couple of days not only for the stamp but as well for background checks and comparing the biometrical data.

So among the lies they try to use one after the other on accomodations and restaurants:-

- they tell I would be shizophrene, disabled, suicidal or manic depressive to gain access to local insignias or to let drug food and beverage or to let do insignias

- they tell I would be a terrorist or under suspect of being a terrorist and they would have wanted to put me in a psychiatry but the day they tried to I would have escaped.

Well..once again I am none of this and I have a valid  German Medical Certificate issued according to the INTERNATIONAL Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, 1978 (STCW), as amended, and according to the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC).

You maybe can corrupt or give directives to idiots to declare someone for insane who is not but you Will NOT corrupt or give directives to a medical to declare a person for Healthy with the responsibility or coresponsibility for up to 10.000 people on a vessel in the middle of the ocean with access to areas that regard safety and security where there is ANY doubt about the persons state of health.

Let's quote once again "the seafarer is free from any medical condition likely to be aggravated by service at sea or to render him unfit for such service or to endanger the health of other person's on board.'

Those ex's are so profound that those certificates have a validity for 2 years! 

They come on a special paper with a special inkt s "authorization stamp" that confirms that is is a for this examination for Seafarers an Authorized Physician. 

"Stamp of authorized Physician of the German Maritime Medical Service" 

In my case that authorized Physician worked as well before for German tribunals specialized on emotional and work medicine.


The Seafarers center in addition where this examination took place is on Hamburg, Germany.

Hamburg Germany is one of the biggest inland ports in Europe. So those physicians working there do really a lot of examinations and not only once in a while on captains, officers, Seafarers from all positions.

To be able to decide whether a captain is suited to have full responsibility for a vessel you need to have experience and decisions are made with full knowledge of the responsibility.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/04/2023.


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