Saskia Charlotte Junker

towards all who make polemics I would rail against my"family"

And towards everyone making polemics I would.rail.againsy my entire family?!?


They did not invite me even or did let me know about the funeral of Maria Sievers , who turn d out to not be my grandmother but my MOTHER!!!

They just did send me her beloved favourite cloak/jacket that I loved a lot without any note about date of death or funeral!!!

And then they did everything to prevent that I would get to know the truth!!! She had prepared a letter for me but they stole the letter!

This means Janina and Mechthild are not even my relatives!!!

This means that Michael is my brother or half brother and that Anna Lena and Raphael are my nieces!!!

They did NOT invite me to the funeral of my mother and stole everything to which I have a legit right because I did not go to the marriage of my then brother Michael with the Marion wissing, a daughter of a ukrainian-italian Camorra boss and daughter of a woman that was friends with Goering,Eicke,Himmler and Hitler and who was a high ranked member within Santa Croce knowing Orietta TobAldi I and Tanya Zeni and Antonio Romagnoli and Maria Rossi and surprise surprise she knew as well Leonardo giacomo costa and "vito"/hauke/patrizio Sala and a few others of the involved criminals in this conspiracy and corruption identity theft and genetic crime scandals if I may call it like that.

And becauseI did not want to be in touch with people I am not even relative to.!!!

And once and for all Marion Wissing got to know Michael in 2007 did let annulate the marriage with her ex husband (whoever that is) at the Vatican in 2009 and did marry Michael Junker changing as well her name to his in 2012 and has now the name Marion Junker.

SHE is the real Marion Wissing.

I am NOT relative to those fascist Ukranian Nazi breed.


(spelling mistake, SIEGERS, not sievers)


TO the fascist idiots who want to make the world believe I would be shizophrenia and it would become always worse if I would not be put under drugs.

First of all I am NOT shizophrenic but people want to make it appear which they managed by cutting the PONS which connects the right brain hemisphere with the left brain hemisphere.
In addition they applied what you can read in the book "battle for your brain" written by viorel serb that is based on fascist military patents and CIA mkultra "research results" using insignas without consent to pretend bullshit.
And you know who the persons are who make others believe I would be? Oh.those who injected that illigal surveillance and illigal INSIGNAS without consent.

Second. it was very possible that Maria Siegers or as well called Maria Junker seen she kept after divorce the surename of fried Heinz Theodor junker (in Germany it was common for many decades to take the surename of the husband after marriage).Maria had been unexpected been pregnant with Michael in 1961 and fries Heinz Theodor offered to marry her but with the precondition to directly afterwards divorce again and that she would refuse any rights towards his wealth!

Maria was a director of a kindergarden and her father a dirigent and her brother a judge at court with good reputation and her sister a director of the library of the university of Bonn ,Germany and her other brother a doctor of medicine HAS BEEN pregnant a second time. She was born on 27th of September.

Maria became unexpected pregnant a second time and there she was pregnant with me.

And it is possible that then mechwa gave birth to me nonetheless.
This is possible because the mother of Maria had a vacation flat on Borkum.
On Borkum they knew about a special technology with which they were capable to transfer me from Maria to mechwa without thatechwa or Michael would get to know about it.
Elsbeth knew President Johannes Rau in person seen her position as a director of the university library of Bonn and trusted him the situation and he helped with his knowledge of Borkum and it was perfect seen the mother of Maria had a vacation flat there.
While being put under narcotics or drugged food which explains why Michael never was able to remember how it was possible that mechwa got pregnant and mechwa did accuse him for a long time he would have pricked the condoms.
Apart from that mechwa is infertile..she should make a genetical test on that and does not even need me but can test on the other women who she insists would be her daughters. Neither Laura Francesca is her biological daughter and probably neither Janina Maria.


And maybe a few more things about mechwa seen everyone is defending that woman so much.
Mechwa when she got pregnant at her age of 18 the janinain weird ways in 1982 ,she was not in love with Michael yet, and she ONLY did marry him because she did not want to move back to her parents house and preferred to live 3 hours away by car.a car which they did not even have back then. And then it was so comfortable for her with Michael who had a rich father and moving in 1985 into beautiful waldbachtal at her age of 20 and him at age 22 in a big villa with huge garden and receiving aupair girls to take care of me and Janina and later Laura.
Michael did love her and did try everything to rescue the marriage when the state agents did spin the intrigues even sending a state agent from Hungary to pretend she would be an aupair and who then should pretend thaticharl.would.have tried to have an affair with her.

Then she moved in 1993 during divorce to muenster ,not back to Brakel to her parents and then even further away to Bavaria and then went 1 or 2 times maximum per year to visit her parents while her father Johannes to whom I had a good relation and adored a lot had died in 1993.

And when she called with her sisters or her mother ,the little I observed in 2009, the only thing they were doing among each other was talking bad about then the next was disgusting.


And those persons to whom I amNot even relative to want to treat a 38 years person as if she was 13 years old while I always lived on my own behalf and modest and from my own money and self earned money?!?

And people DARE to judge me on my choices towards people who are proven not my relatives?! While those had done EVERYTHING that I would loose contact with my real relatives and my real distant relatives and even murder e some of them?!?

And Michael?
Until he got to know that horrible alcoholism Adelheid and that horrible fascist comorra girl Marion,
I had a very good connection to him.
I did fight to be allowed to grow up with him 3 years and he had been growing up with learning to give hugs and to speak energy language without words as I did and was very interested into the healing and naturopath field and reiki and did tell.eqch evening a creative shortstory to me and Janina before bedtime and for Laura seem she was a few years younger he made special shortstories she maybe would like more.

Mechwa was not always as cold as ice and rational.before she started with the "studienstiftung Des Deutschen volkes" she was as well very creative and painted for us designs on our wardrobes and made beautiful decoration for the room where we apart from our own rooms had a room to gather for the common owned games or a reading corner and she prepared wonderful children birthday parties and Christmas calendaries and an amazing Christmas decoration before Christmas eve.

But then after the Christmas where Janina ruined everything by ignoring the with key locked Christmas room door and received justified criticism for her lack of respect and drawing me who was 3 yes old into it everything started to change.she had been always jealous of me and had weird ideas of games where one would put dogpoo on neighbours doorbells or putting rae noodles into water and eating them raw and to use the stairs as slide with a woolen blanket which could have been dangerous or ignoring the forbidden birds of construction sites or doing whatever would be not only forbidden but as well could have been dangerous by doing so.
From then on their was one intrigue after the next and sabotage whatever happened next and with the studienstiftung Des Deutschen volkes that offered mechwa to study on their financial means she lost out of a sudden all her empathetic skills and creativity and became entirely only rational and serious.even her voice changed after a few years. She does not have the voice anymore I remember she had once while she was adult and not a child where it is normal that later the voice changed.
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Published on on 01/09/2023.


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