Saskia Charlotte Junker

evidently I am NOT interested into USA asylum or USgreencard

Pps: I guess it is EVIDENT and OBVIOUS that I am NOT interested at all anymore into any asylum or green card or exile in this as well fucked up USA country where people are corrupt, experiencing with each and everyone and did everything to destroy my life even more and to take even more rights away from me!!! They even tried to blackmail me already in new countries or countries I would be safe from all those disgusting empathy lacking and numb and dumb towards energy people who experiment and capture and sedate and drug everything they dont understand and knows more than them. They tried to corrupt or give directives to border control to NOT let me out or to corrupt bordering countries to continue with the experiments, they gave directives to airports to find excuses to not let me take a flight and to cancel it they tried to make other countries believe I would be insane, I would be a spy or I would be a prostitute and did let circulate the video they, the fucked up state agencies did let create from not 2007 onwards but 2002 onwards. They corrupted sascha broekmam to suggest that mini sequence as a couple and see whether we would like it in 2002 on Ibiza. If this is true. In that case I would like to remind sascha that in 2002 I was not 18 yet! And I came to know that they corrupted him on the very first day at Bottrop at the tetraeder and that he had been once working for a state agency where his task was to forward emails from one place to the next.(he did not talk about his employer but he once told me about that he worked once for someone where they had to do this. And it turned out they corrupted sascha on our first date in Bottrop at the tetraeder to participate in the experiments and to prevent that I would get to know someone real before the insane fascist people who hide in their various hide outs would be able to get hold of me to destroy my life even further.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/11/2023.


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