Saskia Charlotte Junker

psmaybe someone should check whether I really write with albi

Or you can ask through google alberto giramonti studio tecnico his sister or his father. the number ending on 9596 is albis number, the other telephonenumber is his fathers phone number and the contact form is read by albis sisters. Could it be that the psychopaths and serial killers did MURDER Alberto and took over his telphone and emailaccount and are doing the banc transfers and therefor managing to persecute me because they have access to the card??? because it looks as if the serial killer and psychopaths did murder everyone I ever loved and went in empathy with or whom I really cared for. i was together with albi for 1 year in 2018 and we remained friends afterwards, he as well totok for one year care of my flat at lake garda which I rended out during my absence in 2019 to tourists with my full permit to do so and did organize the renovations i asked him for in 2019. the psychopaths seemed to have murdered and poisened everyone who was important for me in my life or who I was in empathy and energywork with, Michael Junker, annalena karin sophie, several of my energy work clients from the residence for the elderly, friends I had... the only ones they did keep alive were those bastards of lake garda who live in the via saltarino 6 and underneath and their disgusting fascists and partners in crime who did abuse and experiment with me froimm there.. (by the way via saltarino 6 once had the housenumber 2, they changed it for some unknown reason 10 years ago or so... )

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/12/2023.


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