Saskia Charlotte Junker

list of people the psychopaths seemed to have murdered

it looks as if the psychopaths and serrial killers murdered throughout the last 15 years following people and even trying to make it look like as if I WOULD Have given directives to it!!! and it was all people I cared for a lot: Frank Michael Wolfgang Junker, born 1rst of feb 1962 (they faked his suicide after he did not want to beleive them that i would have done porn and prostitution and did understand that i had told him the truth), his daughter Anna Lena Karin Sophie (who was present when they told him and who had encouraged him to divorce from the REAL WISSING, probably they put her on drugs and then suffocated her with a cushion ), born in 2009 his mother Maria Junker, maiden name Siegers bonr on 27th of September (died of brain poisening), Elsbeth Scharf , maiden name Siegers born on 12th of January (died of brain posiening) , Manfred Siegers (I dont know his birthday) , Johannes Wand, born on 10th of July (died in 1993 of rare lung disease) Matthias Schrick, who did confront the real Janina and the real Silvia and the real laura and real mechthild for what the fuck they had permitted themselves to do to my life and me and them needing to get rid of another testimony. who knows how many other people they did murder just to get trid of testimonies or because I liked them.... and then they even made it look like as if I would have givven directives to it with the stolen identities and stolen insignas, and at the same time passing me for those psychopaths and pretending everywhere i would be shizophrene and would be dangerous and that everyone needs to isolate me and prevent that I am able to reach out to germany or to people who could help.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/12/2023.


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