Saskia Charlotte Junker

father of wissing not only Camorra but as well ndragheta

I just received info that the father of the woman who married Michael in 2012 is not only Camorra related but as well Ndragheta. This explains their connections to all those prostitutes and drug addicted they contact to pretend that I would be them and they would be me. And their contacts on global.scale. And then in addition their contacts to paperclip and Nazis and fascists..disgusting. But well.. government and society wants me to be in touch with those????????? Can someone please as well figure out who those Schneider's are in reality and that herrchenbach who seem to be involved for several decades already?! PS: the debit card is still not working that the geometra /architect Albi made for me. Means I have 10dollars left for food.

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Published on on 01/12/2023.


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