Saskia Charlotte Junker

My curriculum location wise

7march 1985 Bethesda hospital Duisburg, germany

1985-2005 Muelheim an der Ruhr, Germany
St Elisabeth Kindergarten, Nachbarsweg, (with first name Saskia)
GGS Oemberg Gemeinschaftsgrundschule am Oemberg (with my preferred middle name Charlotte)
Staedtisches Gymasium Broich, Muelheim an der Ruhr ,Germany (with name Saskia (hopingevhwa and janina would not find out where I am going to school)
Ballettschule Uhlenhorst
Jugendmusikschule Muelheim an der Ruhr (Charlotte, violin)

DSM Danger Soyka Matthes Steuerberater Wirtschaftspruefer, Mülheim an der Ruhr (with full name Saskia Charlotte)

Deutsches Jugendrotkreuz/Wasserwacht Mülheim an der Ruhr/Löhstraße/Hansastraße/Entenfang/Ruhrstation/bad muenstereifel

Duisburg neudorf uthmannstr (seen sascha broekman did live there)

University Duisburg Essen English theatre gruep DuET (Saskia)

​​​​​​English language exchange Brighton 1 week, Florida Merritt Island 3 weeks


Nijmegen, Netherlands (saskia)

Homeschool van Arnhem and Nijmegen (speech therapy/logopedy/neurolinguistics)

Radboud university Nijmegen
(Neurolinguistics, sociolinguistics,language acquisition ,second language acquisition, patolinguistics, japanese for beginners, brain anatomy practical (cutting brains)

2008-2009 Malcesine, Italian language acquisition

2009 5onths in Landsberg am lech at mechtild wand

2010-2014 (Charlotte)
Hamburg, Germany
Arcana Heilpraktikerschule 
shiatsu courses (Hamburg,Graz austria, Berlin)
Pro Seniore nursing home Hamburg (working as a therapist there)

2014-2015 bad harzburg loges school and managementinstitut Ruhleder (middle name Charlotte)

2008 -2015
Erasmus plus/European training courses on human right education
Portugal,Montijovrankadschka banja,Kikinda, Palic Lake, Macedonia , Greece, Austria,Spain

2016-2021 Italy Malcesine (Charlotte)

​​​​​​Club hotel Olivi, villa Isabella, villa Maria margherita, lago tourist ,Goethe travels, hotel Drago assenza,Marco maroadi (olive harvest)

​​​​​​2017 Costa Crociere, Costa favolosa and during preparation for it (Rostock, Hamburg, Netherlands, Liguria and piedmont italy, Sweden, Denmark)
2018 couple with tecnico geometra architect alberto giramonti, vacations in Perugia, Portugal,Madeira, barcelona,Rimini, San Marino

2019 London Steiner onboardspa wellness academy , Holland America line zuiderdam (Steiner one spa world)

Travel: Tunisia, France, California, Canada, New Zealand ( 

New Zealand, then repatriation flight new Zealand -frankfurt- Italy Malcesine

Malcesine until June 2020
Then after attempts of murder in my flat infiltrated fake help "Ipnovito" localita osteria vecchia 5 (ricoli-affi) who is as dangerous as I described in other puications, I managed to get back into my flat Chris's 2020, not before

2021 until June in my flat in malcesine

June21 -march 22 in my car registered on Erika sudau

​​​​​​Germany, metherlands, south of France, Spain, Portugal, Spain (Costa brava), France, Switzerland (all kantons), 
transit:north Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo,Serbia,
Bulgaria, Greece

March 22- december 22
Florida, Texas Houston, California, Colorado ,Utah, California, chicagoNew York, Miami beach, Niagara , california (investigation), Washington DC,
 Memphis, reelfootlake, walnut Mississippi, Flagstaff Arizona, Tucson Arizona 

2023??? No idea yet.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/12/2023.


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