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compromised email fb accounts/pages/ telephones/passports

The following phonenumbers and Emailaccounts, fb accounts and similar have been corrupted throughout the last year as soon as the criminal psychopaths got to know it would be mine they contacted the emailprovider directly and showed their abuse of power certificates and ID cards and received access without people verifying whether it would be true what was said to them. once I even to protect my emailadress bought a paid emaildomain serfice paying with a vanilla gifcard that I had bought cash and used a travelnickname and fake adress seen it was just for an emailaccount, this was inn 2019 but even to that they gained access within 1 month. the only emailadress they never gt hagged and acces into was my emailadress at Radboud University as a student But all of the following they compromised and controlled what would reach me and what not (for costa crociere, hospitality senior service specialist) various adresses at but in contrary to what protonmail claims, they are NOT secure as soon as someone wavves their powerabusepaper in front of their nose. even though they offer nowadays the 2ndpassword mode which they do not store, they still are capable to DEACTIVATE an account in case they receive order to do so at least 500 more emailadresses of which I dont even remember anymore the name throughout the last 10 years with the try to have a bulletproof emailadress. FB accounts to which I do not have access anymore, either because they compromised or deleted my emailadress (it is incredible that despite of fbs importance nowadays in societylife that there is NO other option to gain back access to the accounts than email or telephonenumber when it obviously has been compromised,especially in times of illigal insignas etc!) : pages: (they deleted and deactivated it entirely, I guess because it warned already 12 years ago about mass surveillance and experiments that were planned to produce algorithms for creating a "minority report scenario" but again as well here, I ONLY published what was available in publicatons on the internet, and for the rest I published there a lot of random philosophics worth to reflect about, the name of the page was Chaju official -psychologic philosophy, seen I mixed my insights from energy work and therapeutical work with my authors skills which I have since my childhood when I started to read the entire library of muelheim an der Ruhr because I wanted to learn how to write like good authors and was finished with the youth department at my age of 14 and the adult apartment the secretary did not allow me to access, so I started to borrow books from friends from the red cross and wasserwacht and acquaintances and started with studybooks on medicine and immunoneurobiology which was borrowed to me by a friend of my swimtrainer and i started to switch over to steven king and michael crighton (the andromeda strain, jurassic and heike and wolfgang hohlbein). (still existing but I do not have access to it anymore as I published on the page with one of the (by now) many compromised fb accounts btw. when you gain access to the full accounts you will find on the fb wall all detailed incidents ever happened since 2013 because I published on what was going on seen police and officials did not want to help but referred all unisoni that i must get in touch with relatives to resolve it, they evidently do not know anything about stalking laws that exist since 2007 and did their police education in the 40s of the last century) I gathered there a lot of information about enerrgywork and the different shiatsustyles and the various energywork disciplines (MEANS EVERYONE who was observing me eversince KNEW very well that energywork and shiatsu is THERAPY and not abuse, I even explained empathy there with the very well explanations by experts) which was a page that I started to rise awareness on topics that society dares not to talk about and I had been inspired by the various european trainingcourses and I came already back then to know that society hass become too numb and helpless because they do not know how to identify crimes and people in situations where crimes do happen simply because they never talk about it in this context I published as well an article on learned helplessness in 2012 that describes that stalkers and criminals try to destroy the life of their target so much and every time again until the target would have given up to even try to combat the psychopaths, I had as well published there and later on my fb profiles from 2012 onwards all anti stalking laws that exist since 2007 and if applied about 1000 people by now would go into jail for up to 10 years which is still not enough. i am not exaggerating . they involved people in the entire wolrd into their mass stalking and mass surveillance. So there must be about 1000 people who are on a responsibility level and authority level who were giving orders to make it happen. THOSE people would go into prison for up to 10 years. the people who were drawn into this would receive minor punishments but at least they would have to pay moneyfines for having participated. those who werre corrupted with sums in a volume of several thousand and more (nomatter whether in real life or in their game second life seen they werre made believe it is just a game that destroyed my life and in which I never participated) would go into prison for money fraud and corruption seen the dimension of the money. The prison sentence for identitytheft and experrimentations without consent (they violated the nuremberg code from 1947, look it up on wikipedia and they applied zersetzung and artichoke , look as well those up on wikipedia, it is detailed described there) I dont know. For the attempts of murder that they did throughout the last 7 years eversince november 2015 I dont know, depends on the country where it happened (poisening someone with unjustified neuroleptics and psychofarmaca to try to make the person ILL to cause them to be put into a psychiatry or trying to let grow a tumour, or injecting animals or trying to make terrorists and old fascists and psychopaths who think they would have won someone at a cardgame believe a person would be the person who betrayed them and who would in such a case KILL the person due to their mentality, can be considered as well as attempt of murders, likewise to let make people believe someone would be a prostitute in the hope the person would get raped or violated , and not to forget that they destroyed my reputation as a REAL therapist and real ARTIST on a global scale with what they did esp seen they make men believe I would offer porn with the stolen insignas -to the governmetns- once again. I would never have mentioned the insignas or whatever term YOU use for it, if people would not have applied and done crime with that towards me and without consent while you seem to be happy about id seen your own involvement into crimes, did you know that in hamburg a mr Schmidt was corrupted or infiltrated from the deutsche agentur fuer arbeit who seriously wanted to offer me a nightjob in a CASINO??? while I was studying medicine and therapy?). More facebookaccounts compromised: Charlets Lake Traveling Shiatsuka (it was attached to ) ChaJu official Saskia Charlotte Junker (Kempchen?) Traveling Charlotte And various other accounts to which I dont have access anymore and so quickly do not manage to remember. But it was in total 10 accounts that were compromised. Some of the accounts they did CLONE, which is possible and it means that they copy the entire profile and give you then access to a different version and whenever you write with friends it FIRST goes through the prefilter of those who abuse their power as EX or still CIA agents. Yes. the fb is really owned by the CIA, but normally this is not an issue because the CIA normally is not interested in what we write and where we poo everyday or which lovestory we feel sad about, they dont even mind when we publish criticism. But if there is a fucked up son of a bitch who wants to destroy your life by all means, then they abuse the power and invent fucked up lies to reach their goal. the group shiatsu travelers energetic bodywork exchange, a group that I had created for energyworkers and shiatsu practitioners around the world to meet up during travel for knowledge exchange. but eversince 2012 in ALL fb groups I started or was part of they infiltrated corrupted sons of bitches and bitches to put me into discredit and troll and shitstorm my posts where back then NOTHING and really NOTHING concerning was about to be said. As well they corrupted from 2015 onwards admins of groups to surveille my posts ore give additional info about me and to discredit me and not believe what I would be writing and that I would be a bad evil person because I would live my own life as an adult of 30 years old and not behaving like 13 years old as wished janina mechwa e michael and their acquaintance and families of their new partners. They contacted ALL my firends and contacts to draw them into the intrigue in 2012 and I lost all friendships except of 4 persons all got first convinced with lies, then compromised, then sorpressed or killed (accidents, lethal illnesses etc). Of 2 of the persons they werre not able to corrupt they destroyed the life entirely. they murdered the girlfriend of a friend of mine causing her to end up in psychiatry for 2 years because it was too much, a different friend they started to cause one terrible life event after the other (eventually murdering her father pretending he would not want to have to do with her anymore after he got to know the new wife who seemd to work for the cia or nsa in florida, letting have her husband an accident, and starting to put herr on psychofarmaka convncing her she would need it), another friend they did not do anything to because he had contacts to the mafia (the traditional real one that protects when the threat comes from the governments or church or powerabusing people, not the disgusting drug and prostitution cvatican and fascist mafia) and a management position, another one they did not harm because he had as well a good reputation as an international boxer and a mafia background and huge family and another person they did not harm and corrupt because she had as well an extraterrestrial background but in her case she was not deceived and given all her legit rights and as well compensations for whatever they did to her. (regards compensations: fried heinz theodor junkerr and the family schneider and herrchenbach did experiment with each and everyone of us and compensated most of them except me and Frank Michael Wolfgang because they had more crimes in mind to be continued and they knew we never would forgive what they did and knew that some of the experimetns they did were irreversible and because they on purpose passed me for someone else than saskia charlotte, because dodo schneider and a descendent of Tho and Uschi and Janina and Wissing pretended to be me instead, seen there would have been 3 different origins where I would have rights to heritage and testaments and an entirely different life but they deceived them all and knew it would have as well consequences from different sides when those people would find out what really happened and was done to me and michael, because they did pass MICHAEL -but I do not know when whether already in 1992 or much later for that ipnovito son of a bitch vito lapetina and vice versa, as well they passeed matthias schrick for vito lapetina. it looks as if they passed everyone for that son of a bitch of whom they hoped that someone would then murder them in the hope to finally free this world of ipnovito or whatever his real name is). I was as well very active in the international intercurltural couchsurfing community that under NORMAL circumstances had been a safe way and nice way to meet people from other cultures to learn new languages and to travel other countries by getting to know the culture and not only hotelrooms. But they hagged my account as well there (one day I even received an empty message just signed with J and another time a couchsurfing request by a fake profile that had only one reference by a another fake profile called Laura Janina) and that person would love to meet me and stay 3 months at my place. Well.. THIS is NOT what couchsurfing is about. they as well blackmailed me at ALL admins of local Couchsurfing groups around the world that if ever my profile would show that they should inform them and "warn" about me. I had in 2013 ,the last time I used Couchsurfing 2 set ups of people. One was constantly talking about a family who would be worried about their girl who would have cut contact and because she cut contact horrible things would have happened to her with constant little reminders of janina and michael and mechtild and then he tagged my luggage with a gps tracker so in 2015 i had to throw it away though it was still good because I was stalked and persecuted inv arious places eversince. But maybe that perrson did do already back then in 2013 an injection??? I only stayed one night because he was not a normal couchsurfing person. then when I had normal couchsurfing people they did contact each and everyone of them such as they do now from 2012 onwards. they even destroyed there friendships with original good people from Hamburgand corrupted them to advise me the wrong things respectively what those people wanted while I had been trusting them and later they sorpressed them, such as a therapeutical colleague I did treatments swaps with, such as a friend where I regularly gave as well shiatsu treatments, such as an artist working for the musicals hamburg who had replied to my treatments offers seen I very early had during my trianing time for therapist had looked for clients to practice with who were neither friends nor family seen it would be unprofessional to give therapeutical treatments to people you have a friend relationship ofr closer relationship with. I always sticked to that rule and NEVER gave a treatment to persons I was or would be interested to be intimate with or with whom I had a relationship or who I knew very well, except 2 persons in hamburg but I did see them so rarely thgroughout the year that the treatmetns I gave them did not interfere with our friendship and they were very aware that when I gave the treatment, I was therapist and they client and thats it. But there are PSYCHOPATHS out there who decontestualized everything because they were OBSERVING and monitorin me and did not understand why the body frequencies merged during the treatments. Well.. the body frequencies are similar during a shiatsu treatment and energy work treatment because one adjusts one own frequency while going into resonance and empathy. but on the monitoring screen of the psychopaths and experimenting assholes it probably looked the same as when they do have sex with someone seen they evidently do not know what empathy is. as well they do not know what a hug is because in italy people only give hugs to their spouse or the person they are intimate with. While in germany and the usa a hug is as well exchanged between good friends or familymembers. then from 2012 onwards whenever I bought a computer or telephone the first thing they did was to activate silent sms from policeforce to localize me once again abusing power. in 2012 through that a policeman of hamburg infiltrated into the birthdayparty of a friend who had done a party together with his flatmate so noone knew that the infiltrated person was not known by any of those as I later found out, the person manipulated me and well.. not good. I never filed report because it was a police person with pervert things, shortly after he met me he posted on his facebookwall the link to the song madworld. but it turned out that it was NOT a link to youtube but to a single page with this single publication called I guess he tried to catch the IP adresses of people who would click on it. As well my IP adress and IMEI was constantly leaked to psychopatic powerabusers since 2012. and as well my passport credentials seen in 2012 it started that people would shortly after that I checked into hotels with my passport or id cards check in as well. this started to happen shortly after the relative of wissing did infiltrate into the train from graz to hamburg after they got to know through my emails that I would be taking that train and I woke up in the middle of the nighttrain ride with that person being bowed over me and pretending he just would have wanted to cover me with his cloak as a blanket, when I screamed he disappeared and was not seen again. actually this did happen shortly after I did NOT go to the wedding of michael and wissing that was in 2012 and to which through SORPRESSION they had let sent me the invite by julia jaeger and her family with an already stamped package that of course was traceable and visible where my adress was while I had told Jaeger VERY clearly to NOT forward me ANYTHING of them. This was when the 20 year long friendship (we were rather like sisters seen we called each and every day and made regularly vacations together) to Julia broke apart and verena took over even insulting me in 2014 when I gave julia another chance in an indirect way saying she would be good in pushing other people out of the light. shortly after the day that the package did arrive and I had NOT forwarded the letters with invites to the baptizement of raphael to janina and laura (with whom I was not ven in toouch and did not know where they would be living, so they should have sent the invites to Landsberg am Lech to mechwa and not to me) i did not even know that julia had sent a package without consent a girl was lingering around the postoffice and when she saw me she approached me and she would be a "messenger" from the region from Lindau Bodensee and she has to tell me a lot of things and she would know that I would have a lot of money but i would never have more than just enough to survive and that a lot of terrible things would happen and a greeting from Raphael. and then she started to chew on herbs and little papers and said it would help me. And then she wanted money because she would have been told I would have a lot of money. It was entirely bizarre. the next time that I was away for a weekend I came back and my door ahd been broken open and I found a the card of the police in my apartment when I contacted them they told the door would ahve already been open and they would have been contacted by a concerned neighbour. Everafter my flat had been under surveillance. and people already back then commenting everything that was going on. Another time when I came back from a visit at a friend Bruno in Portugal (where the friendship as well was destroyed by people telling him lies I would be relative of the fascists and an evil person) they did let disappear my luggage for 1 day which contained my flatkeys (it was originally handlugge but for some reason I had checked it and forgotte to take out the flat keys) and I dont think it was a coincidence. as well they did contact 2 shiatsu teachers of whom came to the surface that they once had been working for state agencies and masonry and told them lies and those people never verified with me. eversince I did not go to the wedding of michael and wissing and did cut cords with janina after she accused me so terribly after never having been a nice sister but practically she did HATE me, they did destroy my life, carreers, employment opportunities through infiltration, corruption or directives and lies. and each time they had destroyed something they did send people to remind me of people I was not in touch anymore.... as well they inhibited 2 employment opportunities with an airline. bavaria I was not sad about after i learned abour how they treat flight attentdants but another time and I was already in the preselction a son of a bitch prevented that I would be able to get an employment with Condor airlines where I already had made a friend and who had recommended me to apply with them. (did costabayby leo already back then did surveille me seen he knew the wissing family and seen babyccosta worked as a pilot for united airlines and eventually had in mind to one day found an airline company similar to costa crociere to incognito smuggle fascists throughout the world and did everything to prevent I would eventually then come to knnow about it? HOW insane must that person be, OR did others do everything that would destroy my opportunities to have an employment that would guarantee me independent income nomatter what would happen???) but there is something about stalkers that every stalking expert ans psychologue in this is advising people who are stalked: "do NOT react to them, dont reply to them, ignore them. at some point they will look for a different target". So I did ignore all persecution and stalking and sabotage all those people did eversince 2007 but every time tht I ignored them they raised the level of crime. they even started to murder people I knew to raise my attention. in that regards there are indications that they murdered as well Annette Wand, who would have had as well legit rights to different heritage. They probably drugged and brainpoisened her and then did declare her for shizophrene with putting her on drugs her entire life and there are indications they did let have her an accident to murder her before the new laws and the new world developments because then everything would have come to the surface. did they eventually steal as well from her something and injected into me in 1993??? regards those brainwash protocols of governments and practically introduced by the fascists. brainwashing is to be taken LITERALLY, they flush the neur pathways with neuroleptica and brain poison until they destroy the memory and neuronal capacities of a person in addition they do an incision cutting the PONS, the connection between the right and left brain hemisphere, then they declare the person for insane and take a fascist paperclip doctor or stateagent recruit doctor or church hospital doctor of the roman catholic church of whom noone knows their real identity anymore and then they let declare the person for insane. Practically some people in europe had in mind to let do this to me. this means I f I would go back to germany they would let declare me for insane, do to me what they are doing to Julien Assange these days, then they would remove some parts of the monitoring technologie that thefascist italians call "microspie" (those ARE reversible) but they want to do it without doing it oficially and without ever compensating me, then they did want to put me into an artificial coma for a while and then when waking me up pretending that everything NEVER happened, that I would have had an accident and that I would have due to that a brain damage for which I would need to take forever medicine and would be forced to live together with wand wissing junker or the psychopath lapetina or other psychopaths of whom they would say that they would always have been my husband and I would have amnesia (they got inspired for this part by the book of sophia kinsella about a story like that)... This is why they gave ORDERS to airports to ONLY allow me a plane to germany and to no other place and why they did let do EVERYTHING to cancel my flights before my visa on 7th september did end to other places. there are even rumours that they did gave orders to the border control on 7th and 8th of march oat miami airport to NOT register me with my VALID B1/B2 visa but to let me enter without or only with the 3months while my B1/B2 visa still valid until 2028 allows me each year up to 6 months in the USA. it was given to me in 2018 in combination with the needed C1/D visa for seafarers that was requested by my employer onespaworld . and by the way. due to this the USA has my fingerprints on file. So they should check with people on their fingerprints who pretend to be me. I did let all authorities of the USA inclusive the Pentagon (when I had started to communicate with them about the terrorists from ITALY-Ukraine) about it inclusive my passport number. So they KNOW that I am here and the entire situation. I never did falsify or stole a passport. But I remind everyone that in 2016 my german driverslicence issued in muelheim an der ruhr in 2003 had been stolen and in addition the in 2010 in Hamburg issued ID-card with the number 1358984882 valid from 10 may 2010 to 9th of may 2020 werre stolen fromout my flat in malcesine and interesting enough Orietta Saglia (maiden name tobaldini which is practically strange that she changed it to saglia seen in italy women and wifes usually never take the surename of their husband) she exclaimed in played surprise in 2017 when I came across that fact "oh. i did not even know you had a drivers licence" (so with what the fuck did she thought I would have driven my car in 2008 that was even in her garage spot seen it is difficult to enter into my garage seen it is a shared one with weird angle when not used to it, and this by a woman who is inquisitive about everything and asking her son enrico to inquiere on everyone as well at the carabinieri and giving directives to carabinieri regards things??? she knew VERY well that my car was in her garage in 2008 and that I absolutely HAVE a drivers licence.) (ps, my btw still valid passport for those who still say I would have falsified it was issued with the receipt 2015/054668 by the city of bad harzburg in 2015, but who knows maybe some OTHER people did corrupt them or gave directives to say I would in reality be that wissing bitch??? welll... I am not and never were) and btw IF someone stole a new ID card then it was in 2019 when I had ordered a new one which never reached me but on which as WELL the digital fingerprints should be saved nowadays. (ps regards bad harzburg, the phonecall had been circumnavigated in 2014, otherwise i never would have been at that place at all, once theire they manipulated with their fascist and mason bullshit manipulation techniques)

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/12/2023.


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