Saskia Charlotte Junker

red snowmen in kindergarden- NOT me but JANINA MARIA JUNKER

seen people started to investigate on me in kindergarden st elisabeth nachbarsweg. I was in the group of Mrs Dose. NOT in the group of Korti, where JANINA Maria and VERENA were. It was JANINA who did draw the red snowman shortly after christmas when I had not lied towards mechwa when she had come across that someone had been in the christmasroom which was forbidden to enter before evening and janina did ignore that and suggeestedd to climb over the balsutrade. I was 3 years old, she was 5. she received evidently consequences because she had deceived the trust of her mother and drawn me into it and she did want to take revenge! this means that she already back then did have passed herself for Saskia Charlotte, seen people always think that I would have been the one who did draw a red snowman. OR did they just confuse the insignas? Or was it because everything had been planned from the very beginning like that??? to alternate the insignas on me between janina and samanta because never having intended to give me my legit heritage rights but to d experiment with me and steal everything form me???

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/12/2023.


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