Saskia Charlotte Junker

Sad results about women who pretended being childhood friends

I always had hoped that I never would need to publish about the following people. But it turned out that they from kindergarden and elementary school and highschool and after had beenn involved into everything and into the intrigue that was spun by Janina Maria Junker, born on 22nd december 1982 in Oberhausen or Muelheim and der Ruhr. Julia Maria Shrivistava Jaeger, born on 6th of October 1984 in Duisburg or Muelheim an der Ruhr, daughter of Prof Dr Karl Errich Jaeger (the person who organized the practical experrience at the University Duisburg Essen where I got to know Sascha Broekman who was doing his PHD under Prof Dr Fleming on Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and whom they corrupted at the Tetraeder Bottrop on 26th of February 2002 to participate in the illigal experiments the german government and theri BND,NSA and CIA representatives around Fried Heinz Theodor Junker, Janina Maria Junker, Mechthild Wand and Ursula Herrchenbach and her parents was launched directly after my birth in cooperation with the Italian-Germans of Malcesine). Verena (Regina? she has a middlename but I dont rememberr it) Franz, born on 13th of January 1985, she was in the same kindergarden group as Janina when Janina draw the red snowman and she works such as herr father for EON. Miriam Wedemeier, daughter of Heinz Wedemeier Kristina Gross, Johanna Elisabeth Wym Mitscherlich born on 10th of June 1985 best friends later with Anna Reessing (looks similar to croatian red haired silvia of italy ) Those women pretended druing my childhood , teenager time and 20ennse to be friends with me, even pretended to be best friends some of them while isolating me from everyone who could have been real friends and putting me there into ridicule. I would have had 10 friendships that were real and others if those would not have been destroyed. one even tried to help me and warn me about others but I did not take it serious, was not able to believe that those people would want my worst. I dont know how it exactly went already in elementary school but I remember that Johanna as well called Hanni one day approached me regards Janina and Mechwa and whether I would not miss them ans she did not respect that I said no, not at all without telling her why. Why? Because janina and mechwa had always treated me very badly and without respect??? and i did not want to talk bad about them. Julia in school never took a stand for me when there was bullism and only really kept and nurtured the "friendship" outside of school. The bullims in school had been ORDERED by Janina on distancec, seen she since her age of 5 was introduced to the insigna spy modification by Ron Oehlert and Peter Baus and then she sorpressed them with the fact that they had shared this knowledge with her without that she had received it from authorities to help her to isolate and stress me. they di not know what to do and did allow her to sorpress them. In 2010 when Janina had written me the evil email to in which she told me that she always would have hated me and been jealous on me and that she made me responsible for her suicide attempt I was shocked. I evientluy had no needs at all to now get in touch with her but I still was very worried about her seen she evidently needed help. Seen she hated mechwa at that time, so far I can remember, I did not want to contact her mother and tell her about it but I knew that Verena Franz was living in Muenchen within herr work for E.On and that this was not too far from janina. So I contacted Verena who knew Janina still from childhood and got along with her always well and asked her whether she would be willing to check on her because I would be very concerned an worried. That I would be incapable to get in touch with her after everything she had done towards me and towards her ex boyfriend and indirectly through that towards some friends of mine but I would want to be sure that she is doing okay and that she is not trying to jump from the next bridge. Well.. Verena DID contact her but then they seemed to rememberr their pact from kindergarden time and both working for state agencies did start their disgusting intrigue and started seen verena and julia were able to see my fb contacts to contact ALL fb contacts and former contacts I ever had and started to blackmail me there. They decided that if I would not get back in touch with people I did not want to have contact with I should not have friendships at all. in 2012 as described in an earlier article Julia broke my trust and the friendship and her friendship with verena franz intensified instead, making her even to her wedding planner. I gave julia in 2014 another chance when she had finished her phd but she form that point did only want an acquaintanceship from before best friends where we had called each other daily. When I asked what the fuck she meant one time when she did accuse me of that I would have done something to another socalled Friend Anja Haack (who today has turned out to have let herselb been drawn into it during the last years although she beforehand was the only who did not contribute) or what she meant with in her mail to with that the experiment "saskia"" would have ended now, her answer was she would prefer to put the blanket of silence above it. say what??? when she invited me to her wedding and told me that verena franz who had destroyed the friendship would organize the wedding and if I had a problem with that she would not care if I dont come to the wedding it was the last time I spoke to her. I had contacted Anja in 2020 because in 2020 I learned about the true family background of michaels wife and was very worried and wanted to be sure that he is still alive and his children doing well. anja told me she wouldhave asked her parents and they would have said he would be doing well. I was even more concerned then in 2021 and 2022 and reached out to her once again to please check on the rumours he might have been murdered or his kids. instead of answering me she blocked me from the telephone. "she did not want to have to do with any of it". I tried to reach out to her parents with the only international phonenumber that I ever had. 24 hours later and they were the only ones I had called with that number , the telephone number simcard became disactivated and people in the USA from the telephoneprovider did not even know how this was possible and how it came that it was not working anymore. Seen it was a prepaid simcard it did mean that they were not able to replace it and it did cost me 200 USD because I had paid 2 months in advance seen the circumstances. In retrospective I do not even know whether Julia from 2007 onwards was involved in drugging my beverage seen Sascha Broekman was not able anymore to drug my food seen I had ended the relationship with him. Well this explains, why I during the relationship with sascha had become quite heavy and my face was a bit swollen up and my seen I beforehand was not at all and after the end of the relation I quickly did loose a lot of weight again, until they sorpressed Liesbeth Jansen to participate in everything as well after janina almost threatened me that i would have to invite her to nijmegen for a "recovery of sistership" while SHE at that time already did work for SAP and knew VERY well that we were not sisters at all to then do insignas on everyone in my surrounding. in 2021 I visited Julias parents because I tried to figure out whether they knew some things or whether they were involved or not but as well to have testimonies (on tape, I did an audiorecording of the visit with the scj.artist@icloud account as well to prevent that they later would be sorpressed to tell lies about me and to have proof that they could confirm that I am saskia charlotte knowing me since 1991 when I started elementary school in the same class as Julia. Well.. it turned out that they gave me afterwards cookies for the road as a travelsnack. I dont know whether I ate them at all or did throw them away seen I perceived Karl erich talking with his wife as well about that "samanta" name which did not mean anything good. They said julia would not be there at that weekend but she was, her car from goettingen wason the parking spot , so she had eavedropped everything. probably the reason they did not even let enter me in the house. As well there is an interesting comment at the end of the meeting about Covid by Dr karl Erich Jaeger, expert for molecular genetics (pretending however 1 year later to not know anything about crispr or why I should never have been vaccined in the first place while working for the Max Planck institute in Juelich, Germany (!), so, this "friendship a set up from the beginning??? or did they get involved when BND agent Fried heinz Theodor got to know I knew Julia and he knew sth about the idientity of Karl erichs family that others did not? or did this come into paly when the family of that wissing woman got to know michael drawing him into the long prepared trap? - btw. in regards to that, seen that Waldbachtal,Lindenhof and Grossenbaumerstrasse btw all private streets not owned by the city of muelheim an der ruhr has a huge proportion of former state agents who did retire there, well.. I received the news that the family and acquaintances inclusive "ipnovito" of the Wissing did SORPRESS and corrupt all of them with their knowledge about their real identities and they were so stupid to not reach out instead to higher authorities to let arrest those dangerous criminals. seen this is published now anyway they cannot be sorpressed anymore by the dangerous criminals, so would someone please help those who became sorpressed without wanting to participate seen therre in waldbachtal lindenhof they have regular reunions where things are decided "all together" ? once it took place at the couple Pinders where Mrs Pinders who looks practically the same as Mariuccia Zeni (married to Andrea Dorigoni) ) who lived in the house next to my childhood house (my childhood house is Beautyful with a huge garden that borders directly to the forest and I always told everyone how beautyful it is and that i loved the property and that I only stopped going there because borghorst and wissing had chased me away!). to the authorities.. our childhood telephonenumber landline was 483423, authorities KNOW what THIS means. In that house I did grow up from 1985-2005 , in 2003 borghorst did start to chase me away from it and wissing prevented that I ever returned to it so far. I only in 2021 went to visit the forest behind the house and the garden until I heard an unknown woman shouting in panic that I would be there and what they should do know and I knew something dangerous had happened, so I never did ring the bell although I took it into consideration. Well.. Slowly but surely I came to know about juliaas and verenas participation in everything and did confront julia by several mails last year and to PLEASE file report against Janina because she is dangerous and whatever she told her and verena it was not quite the truth. But she NEVER replied to my emails and did not want to file any report either while she and verena and johanna (whose mother i did meet shortly in switzerland- kantoon luzern for the authorities to figure out for which service her family works, where her mother lives now and after I got to know that she had confronted herr daughter and had found out about what hanni was involved into, i did not contact her anymore because I was not sure whether she after all despite of what her daughter helped to do would defend her and not helping me, so i never contacted her again). anyways. for those authorities who can gain cloud access without changing anything after all you can access the meeting with karl erich jaeger and his wife of 2021 on my icloud account even though the son of a bitch leo and his partner in crime ipnovito did delete my entire phone. there is as well a registration of me and the woman who was so kind to register my car on her name seen i did not have german residence to have the proof that the car is mine and that I paid for it and paying the insuracnce. but that I pay the insurance is vivible as well from my Dutch banc account which was possible with SEPA lastschrift as well without having my card. but in fact this is double good because there is a girl of a bitch who did signal a car theft because she thought I would have registered the car of mine name and evidently after she stole my identity she wasnted to have as well everything that is legit registered on my name with my legit passport. Sorry BITCH, there you fooled yourself. the car is mine but it has never been registered on my name. which means that if YOU did steal it from the parking place where I left it, then YOU did a theft nomatter whether you stole it from me pretending you would be me or from her seen it is registered on her name but me paying the insurance for it and in theory as well the tax but I had never been able to reach out to herr again to have her have my payments because people sabotaged my email. So.. sorry to that lady. but it should be just the tax, the annual insurance is still legit drawn from the banc account. So.. would investigators please start to interrogate the involved persons, that the real criminals finally can be arrested. there was another weird thing, karl erich was concerned whether I still would have contact to any other person from school. and NOW I as well came to know why. JANINA MARIA JUNKER, tested a false hair extensions and contact lenses and went to the highschool-10-15-year reunion with that surrounding herself with the people she had teamed up with pretending to be me testing if any other person would realize it or not. I was never send the invite to the Abitur-Reunion. everyone there was surprised that the person whom they confused with me suddenly had become a heavy beerdrinker and partybitch because I never had been drinking alcoohol or participated in those teenager alk parties that were common in the 90s. !!! why a peruecke (false hair)? because janina in 2010 was trusted that her boyfriend would have as well a drag gender side. she did not understand that drag does NOT mean trans and does NOT mean gay. he admired her so much that he had ordered a false hair cap that looked similar to her haircolour and haircut. But she did not understand anything of that and was of opinion he must do therapy to become "normal" as if she was a fascist girl from the 40s who lived still in those fascist beliefs. when she had blackmailed him on NATIONAL sclae through herr entire emial adressbook and as well through her agent networks, i had really nothing to say to her anymore. Some of my friends that I had got to know in the european trainingcourses on human rights were Queer. I was not queerr but those friends I had made had done and meant more to and for me than janina who always only did hate me done for me in my entire life. I even tried to explain Janina the entire situation of people who are queerr and that she either needs to respect it and believe him when he says that he loves her the same seen it would have been always like that and nothing changed or that she needs to take the decision to close the relationship thank for what has been good and wish each other luck. but she insisted that he must do therapy to become the concept she had of him and not her. when i tried again seen i as well had met her boyfriend and knew he was a good person, she only accused me whether i would be as well "such a thing" ()No, Janina who pretends to be saskia with a false hairextensions, I am not "such" a "thing" but some of my goog friends were queer but to that friend half a year later horrible things started to happen in her life and i only cabn hope that they did not murder as well her, seen her girlfriend had a sudden deadly accident. But to that best friend and shortly later she wrote me that evil email and shortly later she wrote that blackmailling email about her then ex boyfriend. (Rufmord) So.. could it be that there are 2 additional disgusting reasons that JANINA who pretends with stolen insignas and stolen vaccines to be me, pretended that I would want to have grown a testicle to take another insane revenge because I had stood up for her ex boyfriend and shown Zivilcourage? And that they did this as well because maybe they passed me in addition as well for Raphael and murdered as well Raphael, seen latest shows that they passed me as well for Anna-lena? was a "testicle deformation" needed for that when they would pass me for raphael people would believe it seen he is a boy??? Seen Janina confuses drag with trans? Well.. I have never been drag, trans, lesbian or any of it.. I have always been straight and interested in men. But well.. certain creatures think as well that empathy and energywork would be sex and maybe thought that when I had women among my clients that I would be having sex with them. did they as well think htt I had sex with 90year old men and women when I worked as a shiatsu therapist in the residence for the elderly??? or did they just want to make everyone believe this???

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/13/2023.


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