Saskia Charlotte Junker

the lies of dangerous stalkers such as Leo Costa & ipnovito

Here is the list typical psychopatic dangerous stalkers such as "ipnovito" (you can find him if you look for wordpress and vito lapetina) and Leo Costa use. But it is very common pattern and strategies of psychopatic stalkers. - I married her, I am her husband (if they have contacts of high ranks maybe they even issued real marriage certificates) - she is suicidal, you need to install surveillance equipment , so I can interfere early enough in case she prepares to kill herself - she is shizophrene but denies it and refuses to take medicine, you need to put a certian specified medicine into her food or drink or into the airconditioning, otherwise it becomes always worse - she is manic depressive - she tried to kill herself - I read her diary once, it is all about depressive things (he read song texts which were VERY positive and talking about OTHER people who unfortunately make PROJECTIONS based on their own fears and illnesses) but he evidently projected INTO even that songtext that it would be a depressive one, to those who attended my open mic performance of that, it is the Poetry "Phoenix wings" that I wrote while walking home from a concert in happiness of finally having cut cords with all who constantly project their own ailments on others and finally breathing myself and walking my own life... - I felt sorry for her, (so I married her without asking and murdered everyone she went in empathy with- well... I go in empathy wirth people I like. WTF did he put into HIS insane mind to MURDER people who were important to me or to whom i gave shiatsu energywork treatments? ) - I want to surprise herwith a special present, would you let me into her room for a second? - I am her father/her mother, I am very concerned and worried about her, I did not hear from her (pretending I would be 20enne. I may remind everyone that I am born in 1985 and therefor in March I will be 38! - She did infect me with an illness, I need to take revenge (the only one ever infected me was if so HIM, seen he did not want to use condoms) - She stole my debit card (the only debit card I have is the one made for me and with which my exboyfriend from 2018 is SUPPORTING me making a lot of moneyloss just to prevent that those psychopaths vito and leo and the european womengang manage to let murder me or letting me end up in the streets , they even did cause an accident to albi in april to prevent that he would be able to help me further out!!! And then they cause that I have always more and higher hotel costs because in the more economic accomodations they either corrupt the employees or they send PROSTITUTES and whore keepers, or serial killers, so it would be dangerous for me. So it is NOT me who is wasting my ex boyfriends we were together from january 2018 to april 2019 money, but The psychopatic dangerous people do steal his money by rising my necessarry SURVIVAL costs after having stolen MY money, heritage and compensations that they use solely to corrupt entire STATES and COUNTRIES to get rid of me because I revealed all their crimes. - she tried to kill me when I denied the existence of mkultra in the national park (NO. I got out of the truck and did NOT want to stay any longer second in his presence because I was afraid that HE might go and kill me eventually with one of his 3 guns he has always in the car. apart from that it is absurd. - she tried to kill herself and tried to jump off the cliff (If I was suicidal I all long would be dead instead of 7 years fighting off each and every attempt of psychopaths to murder me for real who each and everytime are disappointed that I did not drink a certain beverage or that I did not go to a location where they hoped I would go to) - She has amnesia. -She stole my documents - We are very worried about her because of what she writes - She railed against her entire family (please read the chapter on this part again) - She gave orders to murder others (NO... I did not give ANY order of such insanity. I told you about the IDENTITY theft! Someone else pretends fro 38 years already that she would be me, not on a passport level but on an insigna level... SHE gave orders.. not me, she as well is the woman who was fo several years in a psychiatry. NOT ME.) - she ran away from a psychiatry order (an order that was falisfied issued by st catherina, the friends of Vito lapetina, and from the friends of Leo Costa after he found out that I wanted to leave the usa and did already understand who he is and that he was involved into porn production with vito lapetina and enrico saglia!) - I want to surprise her . she said to me I should surprise her. I NEVER said to him to surprise me. He made this up in his mind in the first week we were starting to date because I said to him to not tell me immideately where we would be going the other day and explained him LATER that this was due to fucked up persecutors who did insignas on me and monitoring wherre and when I would be going and to prevent that there would be additional people showing up.. I NEVER did say even the word that he should surprise me! (he thinks as well to issue marriage certificates and murdering or letting murder people of whom HE thinks that they would have abused me because evidently HE confuses EMPATHY with sex as well and trying to sell MY property is a surprise? HE is INSANE if he really thinks that. And in either case he needs to be arrested and put into prison,. This is not only insane but dangerous if he really did that! ) - "I pretended she would have done suicide to safe her so they would erase her from european governments "(well.. he DID know that there werre more than 10 groups who did insignas on me eversince i am born, he KNEW that everyone would consider me a CRIMINAL after he would have done that. so as well this is a bulllllllshitlie, esp. seen he did observe everything since 2017 or earlier through his costa bullshit company illigal insignas without consent as well there). and I do not HIDE, I do not pretend. I FIGHT as all can read from my publications those who harmed me. I want my IDENTITY back which they stole me, not change my identity. I NEVER would have changed my identity. He dated me for 3 (!!!) weeks and entitled himself to do such bullshit??? 3 weeks in which he only wanted to talk about sex and fascism and the effects on eventual "offspring" of a person if trauma has happened in the life . well.. NOTHING happens if the trauma all long is digested, in contrary the children and descendents are even stronger because they know how to prevent situations and to fight bullshitters like leobaybycostaboy and lapsitrina vitoipnocreature. He does not know ANYTHING about me, he does not know about my start ups, he does not know about my art work, he does not know anything about my education and healingskills because he did not givev a shit about it. he is a creature that is interested in what society thinks about him and to join superficial events and people and to cover his REAL identity. into NOTHING else (i know his surename only because of my investigation afterwards, he never even gave his real name. if he had revealed his identity I would not have even talked to that son of a fascist inquisitors breed and he knew this VERY well because he knew one thing, that I was investigating against the crimes of santa croce, the fascists and the roman catholic church. HE WAS A SET UP and when I found out his crimes he tried to safe his ass, and trying to find on all costs a way to get rid of me, because he merged from the beginning with those wissing creatures who did pass me for their fucked up disgusting fascist daughter while someone else STOLE my identity pretending to be saskia charlotte junker. - and regards falsified issued insanity declarations, I have as well once again said 4 VERY valid HEALTH declarations of the recent year. 2 from the Maritime Institute for seafarers HAMBURG, 1 from a doctor in Switzerland (whom they tried to corrupt btw) 1 from an expert in hamburg who is doing emotional evaluations at the city of hamburg on people 1 from a police station in piedmont whom they tried to corrupt to say the opposite and where it turned out in 2017 that entire lake garda police had been corrupted and given directives by orietta saglia and wissing and mechtild wand! - And there are many other excuses those psychopatsh ipno vito lapetina and leo costa aka lennie aka leo use.. they took those excuses ALL from a book called "the art to disappear" written by someone called bazall or similar . a book leo INSISTED I should read... Well.. did he insist to make sure that all those disgusting fascists who did insignas on me at lake garda and germany would get to know all strategies how to stalk me best and how to corrupt or give directives or snake tears to hotles and cities and places I would go????

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/14/2023.


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