Saskia Charlotte Junker

the list of false people they passed me for in 38 years

Well.. I made a short summary of the people they did pass me throughout my life instead of that they passed me for myself!!! So here you can read. It turned out to be either people they did murder or people they wanted to be murdered or they murdered them and needed to pretend they would still be alive or people of whom they wanted that people think they would have done and achieved all the good things I did on my life instead of me and to whom would have happened all crimes that others would then take revenge for them causing evil an invasion by wtf knows who and at the same time letting people think that I would be those persons when they see me: Samantha, The daughter of "roswita", Janina, Alcapona Laura, Anna Lena, Raphael, Orietta, Dorigona, Sinclair, Marion wissing, Annette, Lucrela, Silvia 1, Silvia 2 (the woman from Veneto Italy that joined Isis went then to the terrorists in is Albania got pregnant and married and walked then away betraying her husband pretending she would have been kidnapped letting the EU and Italian government pay loads of money to then return to her ISIS boyfriend in Italy at lake Garda who walked her out of the psychiatry (they evidently hoped that is would murder me in case they confuse me with that woman). - the wife of hilke -the wife of hauke -the pet of lucrele -the granddaughter of -the granddaughter of Ruth -the wife of Goering -the wife of Himmler -the wife of Goebbels -janine pagel (BTW, they murdered her when she tried to come and help me and realized that someone else pretended to be me at lake Garda and when they realized that she perceived all military communication seen she was a military officer in Geany and descendent of a German military general, we need investigations on that as well!!!) (Don't ask me how they did this that they passed me for those disgusting dead people for equally disgusting fascists who should be dead for at least 80years and never have existed at all), probably they injected something of dead persons to make people believe such bullshit). And WHO are the persons who pretends now in 2023 in Italy and Europe to be saskia charlotte??? Can someone arrest them please!?!?!

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/14/2023.


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