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profunda investigations in Tucson, Arizona needed

Some rumours came to my ears that people I never talked to would have let declaree for insane in Tucson, Arizona. So.. Seen they tried those things out on places where there are crimes to hide that were done by powerful institutions. Let's see. .what is is in Tucson, Arizona: An archdioceses of the roman catholic church inclusive Bishop. (Can someone investigate whether as well Tucson had abuse scandals by the church or did hide war criminals of the Nazis?!) A salvation army (can someone investigate whether they as well here do experiments with homeless?) A huge freemason loge. (Can someone investigate whether Leo Costa or Ipnovito or Enrico Saglia gave the directives as grandsons to let declaree for insane?) In addition this was caused because seen for two nights it was impossible to pay for my accomodations due to the delay of the bank transfer that the accomodations Clifton hotel did blackmail me everywhere as insane , the double tree Hilton employees blackmailed me everywhere after I tried to make them aware about the persecutors and stalkers who are dangerous which means that they don't like to protect their guests. In both accomodations by the way I found one day contact poison ony belongings. See someone had possibilities to infiltrate there or was given room access. And the general assistantanager though he was sorry for that situation was evidently rather following directives of his team as if they would have reminded him that he would be dependent on their evaluation seen he was there oy for a few months. He suggestede the hotel Congress and hotel Clifton instead which was helpful. But as well.therr very shortly after people were told lies about me. It was in the bar of the Congress room where regularly jazz concerts are that they tried to convince and or corrupt staff that they should put sth into my beverage on Christmas eve in case I would order sth telling I would be suicidal and the next morning someone being disappointed that I am Still alive because I never would have ordered and drink sth. It was in one of the accomodations that people tried to call me to whom I had given permit to call me but they were given directives to not forward me any message because I would have published bad about my family (which is none of their business. I. Not 13 but 38 years old and an author). One employee in one of the accomodations was a freemason and contacted. As well in one of the places people said I would have stolen insignas of the VIP celebrities. NO. I did not steal anything. But what does this mean?! That they categorize people in Arizona into different society groups who are treated then differently by each other? Because what I did realize throughout the last week's that dependent on where you eat and what you buy the frequency of the food is artificially modified. WTF. Regards the roman catholic church here. It is a really nice church and I don't have it with Christianity but with those of that institution who do abuse and then let declare people for insane. So I thought, seen Enrico Saglia did let blackmail me on global scale even before I ever had published his crimes , I maybe should try to get an appoinent at the bishop but it was prevented by the security personal of the cathedral and the priests. Seriously? When I approached one of the priests that I would need to talk to the bishop because of a dangerous person who is persecuting me due to a dioceses at lake Garda where abuse scandals happened that I exposed. The answer of the priest: I cannot help you.dont you see that I am busy right now to help to remove the Christmas decoration?! Yes, that the roman catholic church is more interested to remove the honouring towards Jesus Christ than to help someone against people who did abuse and who did hide dangerous people such as extinctioncampcoanders Only confirms that there is still a lot of investigation that needs to be done.aybe as well in Tucson, Arizona? The congress room of the congress hotel did not know that I am Guest with them, neither evidently that I was a guest on new years eve. THEY did let me in the room.if the Congress room was only for VIP they should not have let me in seen I had a regular wrist band. But they maybe thought I was not guest at all?!? As well one of the employees had been corrupted on new years eve to say I would be drunk or drugged. I took a photo of her. It is hilarious. I dont drink neither I take drugs. I still have the free little Champaign bottles they gave to those who were guests in the hotel on new years eve that I kept to giveaybe as a present to someone. I stayed 3 nights double tree hilton Reid park, 3 nights in doubletree Hilton downtown, a (where front desk employees tell the managers what to do and not vice versa) almost 2 weeks in hotel Congress and 5 nights in Clifton downtown. After the payment did not go through, they did blackmail addition people made up stories because I evidently because one night the payment did not go through I had to improvise and did sleep somewhere in the nature with my sleeping bag. I evidently did NOT go to a shelter because I am NOT homeless. But did look for an unknown spot in the environment where there was no one. BUT.. curiously enough someone the next morning was disappointed that I never went to the place they hoped I would be going after someone advised a shelter. And evidently I did not go either to any other housing shelter I was recommendee by a person who tried to help after he was so kind to let me use his telephone to try to reach people in Germany to figure out what was going on. So... Seen in all the places where people tried to declare me for insane, the city has disgusting secrets of crimes they did or are still doing, can someone investigate in Tucson whether there are scandals by the roman catholic church no one had so far the courage to talk about seen the huge strong freedom loges that is closely connected to the bishops and seen the evidence of fascist activity seem there is as well salvation at here? (I NEVER went near any salvation at because I decided where people do not bother me I do not bother them but where they DO bother me I do start or LET start investigations). Here is as well a huge air force station. But I doubt that the pentagon would declare me for insane seem they were the only ones who were pleased about me reporting war criminals and terrorists. And yes..the fact that people sorptrsser giramonti family to NOT send me my post and to procastinate parents did lead to the fact that I was for one night without possibility to pay an accomodation. And seen the situation of smaller or less expensive hotels being either corrupted or following directives without everything whether inflation is true they are given by criminals, I can now only afford to stay in hotels that are more intelligent and aware and interested into the wellbeing of their guests. The general assistanta aver of double tree Hilton downtown was very friendly and tolde.a few days to keep him updated and to come for having a coffee and as well encouragede to send a job application to canyon ranch, which I know as well still from onespaworld seen they have as well a high quality luxury spa area. I after all never did apply with canyon ranch because I ce to know that within 3 days ofe being here and taken into consideration to apply there, the criminal psychopaths from Europe did let circulate their disgusting porn. And as well no one knows at all who owns and runs canyon ranch, so I could not be sure whether itight eventually be drone who belongs to one of the groups that destroyed and stole my life. But sth good came.out of that suggestion, I worked again on my book about healing seen I had while preparing an eventual application summarized my knowledge on healing that I then used for new two chapters in my book on healing I working on. There were as well people who pretended I would haveade reservations at canyon ranch wasting giramontis money and then prostitutede there. I NEVER stayed at canyon ranch. You pay several thousand for a night stay there. I would not dare to spend someone else's money such respectlessly and for sure I would not prostitute myself I ONLY went there to ask whether it would be possible to inform myself about eventual employment opportunities and whether the HR would be present after I was said that in the past they were sometimes able to hire as well people who walked in when the HR would be present and I wanted to receive a first impression of them before I would work on an application as I ALWAYS do for now 25 years (25 years ago wasy first emploent interview with a company, I always get in contact in person first to see whether I like the company and not only the job description, (the only case where that failed was Costa Crociere because Costa Crociere present themselves the opposite of how they really are -probably learned from.leo Giacomo Costa who does the same and who then are surprised that the person who applied applied for the way they presented their jobs and company and not for the contrary). They told me.whrn the he would be back seen they were not present on the day and then I went for a walk. However the former executive manager of canyon ranch who I was able to be introduced to was very friendly andade a good impression on me. And as well the assistant gm of double tree who had recommendede canyon had givene a positive impression and with whom I exchanged some talk about management,HR cruise industry where he does know a bit about as well. The only sad thing about double tree evidently is that it seems.that the front desk and other employees are obviously immature or assisting abusers and rapists and stalkers rather than helping a person to travel safely and who then has decision making on guest reservations instead of the managers. The general assistantanager was very sorry for the situation and had checked with the reception several times again after that I had checkoled out here but they inhibited him from lettinge make another reservation. Well.i learned from Hilton that doubletree is only a franchise and does not belong to Hilton itself but only are part of the honourmembers group that allows to gather as well there the points for the honoursbership. But Tucson franchise of Hilton seems to be weird anyway because they have local individual policies that are not part of Hilton policy. For example the new Hilton Hampton and Hilton home suited downtown manager had introduced a local policy that they don't accept debit cards that have no name on it and tried to make me believe this would be a Hilton policy. Which is bullshit because I stayed in various Hampton Hilton throughout the last years and as well in a Hilton garden inn once and such a policy does not long as the card works there is no issue. But looks as if the double tree employees blackmailede on all Hilton franchise. So.. too bad for Hilton because this means that Hilton supports persecutors, stalkers and abusers. Respectively their employees.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/14/2023.


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