Saskia Charlotte Junker

and this goes out to the insigna observers and experimentalis

ARE you at all aware that I perceive each and everyone of you often lacking all forms of respect while you are reading , discussing and then later even make surprised comments on my next publications where I refer to what you are discussing about??? and you still claim I would have given consent to this bullshit??? some of you were even already monitoring while ipnovito was ABUSING me and he seriously claiming later I would have PROVOKED him because I would have said always NO and would have dressed nice and put make up. I NEVER put make up or dress nice for other people but for myself because I am a woman and it is a matter of self respect. HE did break down each and every NO I did do. HIS first abuse and invasive behaviour was 1 day after he had offered me his couch in the sense of (cleaning and helping out) was when I was washing the dishes and he without that he even knew me placed a kiss on my back and said he was joking whern I protested. He KNEW that I was not able to go back to malcesine because I had rented out to ttourists my flat and had no other income that year and because peopel tried to let enter serial killers and abusers (probably one of them was him anyway) during the night after having sedated the air of my flat with narcotic gas infused through old telefone cable lines and drugged food!!! he hgad played the FAKE saviour. They had INFILTRATED him into the group lago di garda on fb when I had seeked help there against what was happening in malcesine after police already throughout the previous years had been helping the abusers, who knows maybe some of the carabinieri of malcesine are clients of ipnovito and enrico and family danti and buttura. so.. to all of you observers. with all your discussions even during the abuse in 2020 ("if he makes her pregnant, she finishes like janina"- this means they were WATCHING how he abused me and knew EXACTLY who he is and did NOTHING they just watched and found it all very funny). Well seen they had passed me for Janina several times, well probably in that moment they had passed me for someone else, maybe for Silvia the terrorist? or for marion or for samanta? , so maybe they werre referring to a "prevision" of them that shows my situation of the last 2 years, seen that son of a bitch did MASTURBATE during one of the abuses and ALL of it is abuse seen without the hypnotization and NLP masonry manipulation he NEVER would have made it into the reach of 2 metres to me... this was NOT voluntarily sex but abuse from the beginning. and talking about general adult topics is NOT provoking a person to abuse you or washing the dishes for someone or paying the grocery as a form of RENT because I said I would RENT there but he refused payment , so I paid the grocery and cleaned, does NOT mean to be married rto someone but it means a workexhcange in the sense of woofing or workaway about which I made very clear beforehand whether he KNOWS what it si and he said yes. I clarified VERY clearly to not be interested into him. But he did admit one time as well that he receives EVERYTHIGN he would want to have and if not voluntarily through manipulation, he tried to steal my trust by pretending he would have heard from authorities that they soon would liberate Julien Assange and he knew that I tried to support the liberty of Assange for a long time on my fb profiles! So to everyone discussing everything instead of compensating me and instead of arresting those criminals, could you at least be so considerate to NOT discuss WHILE you are watching the INSIGNAS or whstsoever or when I have breakfast wherre you then REWATCH to verify whether I write the truth seen you even NOW still seem to doubt that what I write is true. and would you please respect the need of 7 hours SILENCE when I sleep??? because you wake me up with you annoying discussions. I perceive EVERYONE who did insignas, has access to it and who does do those ILLIGAL experriments and monitoring without consent. Inclusive the FBI by the way who was lieedd about me by janina and made believe I would be inbolved into a billion fiscal crime that NEVER did exist, seen fried heinz theodor worked for the BND and the money he had still in switzerland came from his old COMPANY and his PENSIONfonds. And apart of that, I had NEVER anything to do with that. I did only know about a bbusinessappointment of fried heizn in switzerland and he asked whether I would like to visit one of the lakes of switzerland because he knew i had not the money to do excursions and loved to travel. if he knew very well how it would look like that friedheinz is a huge criminal in my regards and WANTED it to look like that if I ever would come to know that he approved all those illigal experimetns eversince my birth. and the INSURANCES they found and money I own?? VERY simple explained. at my age of 18 I received the life insurances made by the Marienburgermodell from the Heinrich Kempchen Stiftung from which i financed my entire study and universities (that is why i can say that mechwa and michael never paid a single cent for my life or education). I responsibly did invest those insurancemoney into several investments. so ALL this money was legit and NOT from any fiscal crime! but well.. janina made the FBI believe I would have committed a HUGE fiscal crime and they should do the special monitoring on me because I would be capable to lie and would have even been able to make mechwa believe I would have been going to a different highschool when I was a child. so the FBI did install the surveillance IRREVERSIBLE survevillance technology on mwe. I received the proof when the FBI was approaching me in front of the Russian embassy (you can read about htis in my letter for political asylum request in Russia on 17th of august 2022). because first of all they were so KIND to CONFIRM that German state agents go into retirement in a different way (they officially die and receive then a new identity in a chosen retirement country) and then they were so kind afterwards among them to discuss about all and to let know that I would have revealed Janina and Fried Heinz as State agents through their FBI frequency. They never removed that surveillance technology. and neither at that moment when they would have had the possibility seen they knew all long that i did no fiscal crime at all they did not offer me compensations or to help me get rid of it very well knowing that I could NOT mention even those technology because oficially it does not even exist. and they would have denied that fact. so.. would you all please inclusive that giggling old woman who always puts everything into ridicule and laughs like a pubertrary teenager as if this would be a soap opera and not reality please shut up and BE aware that when they OBSERVE and watch everything that they are PLAYING with QUANTUM laws and QUANTUM technology and this is not like a movie registration or a written protocol but that they RE access everything in REAL time when it HAPPENED PLUS they reactivate the memory and neurons at that very moemtn again which makes me perceive EVERYTHING as well again???? And NOW I would like to continue my BREAKFAST and NOT be reminded of ipnovito who seriously tried to test whether his nightly hypnosis that he always did while i was sleeping through the applied technology and insignas whether it would have worked to be able to ask after the anal abuse a blowjob with a pedophile wordin to give hi friend a kiss and say hello. So.. WHEN do you start to ARREST those people and compensate me with MONEY a lot of money seen Everyone was made believe I would be a prostitute or pornstar and several insignas are IRREVERSIBLE with half the world having access to it and THEREFOR , I will never find work again in the therapeutical or management field because it is ALL confidential when people trust company knowledge or their personal traumas and similar to a person and I at least would NOT go to a therapist if the next day the entire world knows what I trusted the person. and I neither can built my compnaies of various start up ideas without enough money to be stronger than those who with their stolen money corrupt everyone to sabotage everything, apart form that everyone who has monitpring and insigna access has been STEALING all my theoretical knowledge and ideas and pretends it would be THEIR personal secrets. FREQUENCY thought communication through putting everyone on the same frrequency??? they stole even that from me when I had that simple thought that thoughts are frequency too as is radio and that if two persons are on the same thought frequency with sending and receiving it theoretically is possible to communicate through thinking. but well.. these days a lot of my knowledge they stole from my age of 6 (while i was reading pumuckl from ellis scout and realizing that we have several consciousness levels and that I was able to read, to think, to talk at the same time and in addition that there exists even a metalevel above the thinking in words that is possible temporarily- oh.. by the way.. janina was VERY jealous on me having been reading pumuckl and had put a sign on my door asking for not being disturbed because i wanted to read, but she was jealous and wanted my attention on all means and she felt insulted when i in my thoughts compared her with pumuckl because the figure pumuckl always did a lot tricks to others and found this funny, as did janina with klingelmaennchen and similar)... so... people did steal from me trhoughout my entire life with their experimentation without consent when they passed me for samanta at my age of birth instead of leaving me for who i am saskia charlotte and janina who later passed me for herself and vice versa... ! So.. again.. it is time for HUGE compensations on financial scale towards me and to ARREST all those criminals and perverts and all those people who say they would have mrried me or would have adopted me. May I remind you once again as I seem to have to in each and every publication now that I am inMarch 2023, the year I am writing this right now, 38 years old ????

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/14/2023.


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