Saskia Charlotte Junker

va vanculo means fuck yourself and fuckoff

To those of you who tired to stela my signature for pretending I would have agreed to continuation of further experimetns or to decontestualize it differently in Washington DC Generator Hotel 1900 Connecticut Avenue in August 2022. I perceived each and everything of your disgusting intrigues and well.. this was the moment when I started to sign for asbolutely NOT needed signatures because they already had my credentials and it was not necessary at all with VA VANCULO. which meanst "fuck yourself and fuck off" instead of doing bullshit to me. THIS was the reason as well that I NEVER signed a absolutely NOT obligatory greyhound paperr for which they EXTRA did INVENT that we would have to change the bus and the 10th person who changed ticket would have to sign the paper. I made a photo of the woman after she did not demand the signature of other people but only from me. what GOOD that I there had used one of the many travelnicknames instead of my own name seen the fascist PERRSECUTORS and did accordingly write the travel nickname on the demanded paper after she made polemisc and then did even HIDE and did not want to be on the photo. I caught her on camera nonethelsess. talking about greyhound. By the way. they never payyd me back the stolen 400 USD and compensation that they owe me after they unjustified did cancel the bus from flag staff to colorado springs where i had a non refundable hotelbooking.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/14/2023.


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