Saskia Charlotte Junker

put INSANE lennie/leonard/leo COSTA into PRISON psychiatry!

The latest news about that criminal that I dated for 3 weeks, who then wanted to leave me in the middle of nowhere with the words "you made your way until now always, you gonna find a way", decided then differently, dropped me at the airport of denver xolorado on 10th of may 2022 , the last time I saw him, then I spoke to him exactly 3 times, the rest he only wanted to write on messenger  but practically never answered at all and at some point he wrote "honestly I only was hoping you would one day shut up and start to rebuild your own life".


Then I did not hear from him anymore except one phonecall in which he verified that he indeed did not have any interest and he never was interested into a relationship.


4 weeks later he called on JAREDs mobile after I for 4 days had already forgotten about him and he said he suddenly would ahve started thinking about me and was thinking whetherr there mifght be a chance for us but he would not be sure.


he did NOT confess that he had participated in a porn for which he had been corrupted or any other thing he had done!!!


this was in june.


he did not even apologize for his behaviour which was entirely inappropriate during the entire time.

instead he accused me of whether I never would have done a mistake in my entire life.


and one very absurd thing was, that seen he takes EVERYTHING always literal. Why didnt he understand that I who is always honest when it comes to feelings or my life said to him when he asked me about how I would be doing, that it is NONE of his business. And it IS NONE OF HIS BUSINESS.

But after him talking air and seeming to still have to confess something and Jaredsd phone at some time was needed evidently again I permitted him that I would not see any reason honestly but I would be willing to ive him a chance to explain himself and he could call again within the next days but not much later because I was about to leave California. 

he did not call. END of contact. I never talked to him ever after. and was GLAD about that.

Then after they had tried to let declare me for insane in Niaghara falls on the train because I had paid with CASH money ?!?!?

and I had investigated in Buffalo regards the child abuse by the roman catholic church there seen as well there they tried to let declare me for insane, so they had something to hide evidently.

I traveled back to California to investigate on a few places of 2019 to figure out wheteher indeed all workaway people were state agents or santa croce bitches (and yes, they were, all of them).


However when I was in Santa Barbara I had reached out to Jared whether he would be able to help me out with a 3 day free stay in one of the hostels in seattle or portland or Los Angeles seen he is manager of one of the hi hostels, as weell because my ex boyfriend architect geometra who does these days everything to help me at least economically seen they sorpress everyone at lake garda to not help resolve the identitytheft, was in trouble to be able to help me economically, we had tried to book flights for me out of the USA but it did not work already back then.


Well.. Jared did refuse to help me.

So I had neither money nor knowing where to go and the only secure hotel as well there did cost 300USD (a normal hotel, nothing luxury but we are in the USA, it is expensive here when you dont want end up with prostitutes in the same hotel).

For some insane reason I had still lennies telephonenumber and tried to call him from the hotelfone. but he did not answer and I did not even know whther his number still was working seen he always uses as well anbonymous telefone simcards which he throws away then.

So I left a message on his voicemail. That I reached out because I Still did not have taken a decision wherre to travel further and a solution regards the perrsecutors. and that I would call again over 3 hours.


I did again, he did not answer.


I DID NEVER talk to him ever after. THERE WAS NO indication for any friendship or acquaintanceship and for SURE NO interest into a relationship at all.


at that point I did not know what to do because I was without money and without place to go.

(in san diego I had slept 3 nights on the backporch of Audrey Forest who was a workaway host in 2019 and who turned out to have become a monster talking like an ape to others and did not want to let me evven go into the house to pee but allowed me to pee in a BUCKET. but however, at least I had a place to  sleep.)

But there was NOTHING else that would have justified ANY of the things lennie did and for sure I did not even know about his PORNO he participated in and what he had been asked to do and the money he helped to steal from me!

Otherwise I would ahve filed public report against him already back then.

then after another confrontation of a person of 2019 i traveled back from San francisco to Washington DC and strarted to approach various embassies of foreign countries to ask for political asylum inclusive Russia.

A.G. fortunately had managed to make me another bank transfer oin the card he had made for me. But he seemed to started to have troubles as well and except of him NO ONE was willing to help me financially, all of them POSESSED with their intrigue and stsalking game.

I slept for I guess in total 3 weeks in greyhound buses because it turned out to be cheaper to book a 3 day long busride per night than to book a hotel for 3 nights (!!!) at least to travel more or less safe.

But the fascist psychopath and santa croce and persecuting abusers corrupted then entire greyhound and infiltrated at least 5 travelers into each bus to say bullshit about me and who should say I would have offered them porn and prostitution when I entered.


Then I got to Washington DC and hoped to be safe there for a while but NO. that son of a bitch ipnovitocreature traveled with his private plane to washington dc, corrupted the entire housekeeping staff of the gnerator budget hotl, and I had 3 times contact poison in my hotel room, despite of a room change, and when I slept in the dormitpry I had each and every night other costalking persons and woke up with needle injections at my neck.


and 2 times when I had the private hotel room someone managed to enmter during the night after having let manipulate the airconditioning!!!

In the meanwhile I tried to book several flights and travels OUT of the USA seen Russia was not repsonding and neither any other embassy. BUT EACH AND EVERY TIME the psychopaths did CANCEL my flights, each time with a different excuse causing me to sleep 3 nights in the airport which is considered as a public offense because each time the flight was prevented. one time 500USD stolen seen I had bought a delta airline giftcard to pay the flight with the money of my friend geometra tecnico a.G. from Porto Brenzone.

On the last day I was at the airport A. did ASK an EMERGENCY credit from his bank to be able to send me money so I would have been able to book a flight to MADEIRA, Portugal wehere a friend and colleauge of mine who I know for many years has a house and could have given hospitality to me and as well distant relatives would have been able to help me on madeira.


BUT a SON OF A BITCH did let cancel that PAYMENT of 1250 USD which was away from the card who evidently was not able to do it once more and had not an own credit card and his family who has all those apartments and albergo and the studio tecnico (owned by his father gianni giramonti) was NOT willing to pay for my flight out of the USA, I had asked ag whether he could ask his siter whether she would be willing to do that, but she refused and the others as well.

1 week later I came to know that it was LENNIE who did gavve DIRECTIVES to MARYLAND BWI AIRPORT to FIND EXCUSES TO NOT LET ME BOARD THE PLANE!!! (he worked for United Airlines a few years earlierr and still had connections evidently).

I called JARED, i had all long thrown away the number of Lennie and confronted Jared about wtf had been going on.

Jared denied everything and said I would have IMAGINED all those things and should not call him anymore and talked to me as if I was 3 years old.

a few days later I received a messge from a person I knew as well and he said a dr jack would have asked for me.I DO NOT KNOW ANY DR JACK , NEVER MET A DR JACK, NEVER TALKED TO A DR JACK.

Then a few weeks later while I was at that point at REELFOOT LAKE STATE PARK CAMPSITE, I still was trying to reach the russian embassy seen they had given me their telephone number.

I received an SMS that would ask for a delivery adress because my delivery adress would not be correct.


I had NEVER ordered anything and therefor I evidently did not click on the link which I considered a HOAX or worse seen I had used that number to contact Susan Peling Wilke in october to ask wtf was going on in Germany and who blocked me without any explanation.

I simply forwarded that SMS to the Russian emabassy.


again afew weeks later I got to know that this SMS was an link to a MARRIAGE PROPOSAL by that psychopath and he wanted an adress to send some things.

The russian embassy must have thought as well it to be a hoax and I dont know what adress they then had put there just for fun.


And NOW I get to know that people did SERIOUSLY pretend that I would have killed myself, or that LENNIE had pretended to MURDER myself (seen he had been anyway hired already in 2017 to surveille and murder me), did let DELETE and ERASE me and then did let reissue new documents and did MARRY that new document and then told EVERYONE I would have BETRAYED him and stolen his money and property???

And that he THEN did contact some of his friends who did let declare me for INSANE, issued a procura and that he hads tried to SELL my entire property in Europe?!?!?!?


And gava then access to the insigna he had ALREADY done during the roadtrip from california through nevada, utah and colorado to his PARTNER in crime ipnovito and many other people and told everyone I would be a PROSTITUTE he would have SAVED and who then Ran off with his money???



and now he continues to tell one lie after the other?


does he seriously believes the "gequirlte scheisse" as one would call that in german language, and pulls out each and every day another lie and even managed to convicne a few people that HE would be the poor victim in all of this and that i would owe him GRATITUTE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


and that it turned out that he is coresponsible for MURDER in europe caliminI would have given him indirectly directives to do that ???

and people were made belief that I would have given orders to murder people???


I ask now for 5 years that people get ARRESTED but gave NEVERan order to MURDER someone and for sure I gave no directive to murder PEOPLE who once were important to me or former friends I had or people I went in empathy with and for sure NOT people who would be as well testimonies and ho did defend me !

I ask since 5 years toARREST people who entitled themselves to decide upon my life and who did insignas and monitoring without consent of which they then do INSANE interpretations and sabotage my life and my choices and my employments.


And now there is another insane PSYCHOPATH  and ANOTHERinsane peerson who pretends he would have married me???

I since 6 years demand that people who stole my identity and myLIFE (not my identitycard, they did not steal my passport which is still valid, but they did stela MYLFIE and did let issue things on my name which they then stole and pretended that it is me who would pretend to be myself.)

And he KNEW that as well.

So NOOOOO.. I NEVER would have faked my death and I never would have changed my identity.


If I had wanted to change my identity I would have had several possibilities, as well severla times offered by governments that this could be an option. but I am NOT interested to change my identity.I want ALLmy life rights and identity rights that are mine and have been stolen from me already many years ago.


I am saskia charlotte,

NOTwissing,NOTsamanta,NOTroswitas, not janina daughter.NOT a fucked up damn fascist!

NO. Seriously.


PLEASE arrest that person and put him in prison in a medical department withGOOD therapists.



I cannot help psychopaths and people with mental disorders.


They are not my clients and never were.


I cannot help people with depression. and HE (confirmed by two perrson inSan Luis Obispo who had him around for a few montsh CONFIRMED this) had depression disorders. And evidently a SELECTIVE PERCEPTION disorder.

and again he DID INSIGNAS on me already with costa crociere, who knows maybe it was even him in 2017 and I did not even remember him anymore. Who knows. So he KNEWthat I NEVERSTOLEANYTHINGFROMHIM.


but whenever I did hotel checkins throughpout the last montsh he contacted the hotel and told them I woul dhave stolen his debit and credit card and would be paying with that and tried to corrupt housekeeping to DEMAGNETIZEeven the card which causes from now and then issues when i try to pay with it as well.

THIS CARD is NOThis card but the card of the tecnico geometra alberto giramonti with his office in porto brnezone and has as well an ITALIAN IBAN, so it cannot be any american giftcard.


and he knows all that.

he even managed to get a PROCURA for that Card to reciev each and every location where I pay with it! It is the CARDOFMYFRIEDN.

so, did he do a procura on my friend as weell or what?!?!?!?!?!


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/14/2023.


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