Saskia Charlotte Junker

and this goes out to all who causes me unneccessaary expenses

All who cause me unneccessary expenses by


compromising and vandalizing destroying my Telephones, or computer that I have to throw them away afterwards since I have to since 2012 since their destruction of my computers and telephones started,


or by telling lies to hotels and accomodations or cities,


or who destroy other property of mine...


YOU ARE destroying the life as well of my friend tecnico geometra architect airbnb co owner Alberto Giramonti frombrenzone, Porto,Lago di Garda and the life of HIS family!!!


Are you aware of this???

He does what he can to help me, because HE knows that I am innocent and that people stole BILLIONS from me and invested them into trying to get rid of me in various ways but those disgusting people not willing to put the criminals into prison once and for all.


So he decided to at least help me to survive end NOT ending on the streets or forced to sell my ONLY retirement economical security that I have seen I due to sabotage since 2007 do not even ahve ANY cent in a pension fonds because I had as well prepared myself ALWAYS to one day have my own company and a high salary so, I would be economically safe and always say my properrties as my financial security.


and without sabotage I all LONGwould ahve been there at that point.

People think I plan day to day without a clear goal in front of me.

I have CLEAR goals and life visions and plans and company visions and as well longterm visions eversince I was a child but I learned a wise thing, never talk about such things with others because they gonna destroy it otherwise. As soon as I became aware of the neuromonitoring I even started toLIEin my thoughts regards that, so they woule not be able to destroy it but they became aware ofg it and twisted it around . fucked  up creatures, those insigna fascists of idiocratur.

And WHY should I talk about company ideas with people? There is noone where it was worth to trust or talk about such things because they had destroyed all possible real contacts and possible friendships to managers and people in management or coaching positions that I naturally had made from young age.


TO EVERYONE who did even dare to say the last 2 days I would be exploiting my friend alberto with high hotel costs...


NO.. it is NOT me who is destroying and exploiting albi, but it is ALLthe people who did steal MY money and MY property and then used that moeny and their abuse of power to DESTROYas well everything else and to corrupt ENTIRE STATE POPULATIONS and ENTIREpolice forces and ENTIRE HOUSEKEEPING or HOTELCHAINS to destroy my life even more!


if you want to be angry and upset with someone NOTwith me.


I try to safe money whenever possible.


I still wear the same clothes I bought partly 12 years ago, with a few exceptions.


I ONLYspend money for food, accomodation and from now and then MUSEUMS  and for public transport. I tried to get 7 times by now OUT of the USA to more economic and fro me as weell safer countries but it was always sabotaged once again.


the USA are NOT a safe country.


it is ONLY a safe country for the RICH AND POWERFUL which indeed is remmeber OccupyWallstreetmovement, whichI supported very actively in the USA 1 percent of the population and with that new INSIGNA category shit they doEVERYTHINGto keep it like this and to make it worse but even worse , they want to decide on who makes it in life or not by manipulating develoment such like bees are doing. and they palnned this already in the 80s (mechwa was talking about it shortly after she joined the "studienstiftung des deutschen volkes" , it was as well back then that once she came concerned back from her studies and warning janina and me about contact drugs that do exist and work through skin contact, i rememberr that I at my age of 4 started to be AFRAID of "drugstores" where you can by cosmetics and soap for many years until I was told that a drugstore is not a place where drugs are bought but just a term for a cosmeticstore).

For everyone else who is not rich an powerful the USA are among the most dangerous countries in the world and I talk about NORTH america becaue they let die the people in the streets practically not giving a shit and leave them over to exploiting mission and church organisations such as salvation army who thenSDRUGthem and CHIP them and register them to keep them CONTROLLED and the charity food they receive is DRUGGED to halfly sedate them that they never would start a revolution and when someone starts to make issues he DISAPPEARS.

THIS are the USA that I have been observing throughout the last months seen I from now and then due to that my life became destroyed and people tried to force me into this position was very able to see seen there are people in europe who are determined to make me homeless without any money and who want to continue their experiments and exploitations and ONLY keep me alive because they found out that they can still profit from me and as well that if I am dead they cannot steal my way of thinking and knowledge and what I come to know anymore and THENit would come to the surface that someone else the entire time pretended to be me because they would not even manage to be like me if they tried. Because to copy authenticity is a contradiction. and it is impossible to copy my lfie experience and knowldge simply because it is unique. Not better or worse, but simply unique and I studeid for 30 years contineously every day and kept eveolving while others tried to become someone they are not I only strived always to be the personiam to the fullest and to evolve each and every day and improve my skills and gain them always back and become even better when people tried to destroy them.


So... I have many reasons to LEAVE the USA but evidentlyI go NOT back to Europe until the criminals and serial killers and power abusers and rapists and abusenetworks of fascism and vatican and santa croce are arrested because I left Europe because NO authority wanteed to stop their crimes and no authority wanted to compensate me for their 37year experimetns anfd Life- and Identitytheft but they tried to murder me and tried to put me into psychiatry and then they tried to make me believe it would be the CIA, while it wwass the NSA and Santa Croce, the roman catholic church and subchurches and the freemasons and the fascists who did destroy my life.

I tried as well canada and new zealand but they are not better. and for the rest they are VERY expensive.


But each and every country wherre I would have less costs and woul dbe safer as well and eventually would be able to get in touch with real relatives without that there is constant sabotage, they doEVERYTHIGN to prevent that I could get there seen they want continue their experiments and various abuse especially their NEURO-Rape and theft of intellectual property to then pretend it would be THEIR secrets.


so, to EVERYONE who almost did fell into the TRAP of wanting to take revenge for geometra studio tecnico alberto giramonti where they as well did SABOTAGEthe entire relationship with him and forced us to have a friendship instead... well.. if you want to take revenge for him.. NOT towards me... because everything you do towards me you do towards him!!!

if you want to take rervenge, take revenge against those who did CORRUPTyou to sabotage my life or to tell bullshit about me or to destroy my employments, or to let enter psychopaths and poison leaving serial killers!!!

take revenge against those who stole testaments and then even gambled the amount of money! Take revenge against those who drug my food!


take revenge agaisnt those who run around with communicating devices pretending to be me and who pretended that I gave orders to murder people.

take revenge against those who stole compensations, against those who prevented that OneSpaWorld was able to offer me a management position because they had foreseen me for a management position on longterm but disgusting jealous creatures did sabotage that on purpose because they did read confidential emails they never should ahve had access to,

take revenge against those who prevented that people were able to give me the recnition and green card for special SKILLS while in the USA not yet everyone was CORRUPTED and now all afraid of either the sorpression by the one who corrupted them or not wanting me to ever have success because afraid I might take revenge.


Take revenge against those who did cancel my flights!


against those who compromise each and every emial and password and telephone of mine!


take revenge against those who signed global laws that people only are identified at some point through the new identityform which they TESTEDin a TESTRUN with their "game" second life and pokemon which they made you all believe would just be a game.

No. it never was a game. It was similar to "targeted individuals" a TESTRUN and group experiment. Well.. with second life those who participated into it were so STUPIDto do it voluntarily. It was all state and governmentcontrolled from the beginning.


SO.. You wanne take revenge???


Take revenge against those who tell lies and corrupt and aloclize and drug and brainfuck you every day because you are so sensation lust addicted.


But do NOT take revenge against me because this is NOT my responsibility!!!


take revenge afgaisnt that son of a bitch who in 2020 raped me anally and then left his ANIMAL-seeds in my intestine and when I finally had shitted everything out he did let do a crispr - crime to let grow TESTICLES in my intestine of HIS disgusting material.. !


Take revenge against those whwo always steal my signatures to pretend I would have given consent to illigal things I never was asked to in the first place.


or agianst those people who stole my identity and who passed me then for other persons and who prevented form my birth on that I would be recognized as Saskia Charlotte ever.


in 1980 they did already know about what they have introduced throughout the last years.


in 1985 for sure. and they KNEW who I am and waht it measn that I was born in bethesda hospital duisburg at 7th march 1985.

They knew VERY well that they were destroying my life for their sensation lust and their curiousity to experiment and that theyENVER would give me back what they stole because they knew that my relatives when they find out sooner or later will take revenge. so they added constantly more crimes to make it even worse in the hope to prevent it EVER would come to the surface/


so.. STOP with being STUPID and believing one Lie after the next and to treat me like a child or disabled or a prostitute because you evidently prefer to believe what someone with money is telling you to believe.


many of you are EVIDENTLY the persons who prefer the comforting lie instead of the inconvenient truth that would expect you to act.


I was always the person who preferred the truth, even if I stood alone with it.


Only to truth it is possible to act accordingly, to lies there is never an answer to, especially when you are born with the gift to sooner or later know always that a person did lie.


and tell those fucked up fascists and their even more insane descendents that I am NOT Samanta and that they were INSANE to pass me for herr and to murder everyone I did really like and even tellling people I would have been brainwashed ad would have to be re educated.


i am not samanta and the fascists are the most disgusting creatures that ever have existed.







All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/14/2023.


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