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Joerg Schwab disabled the possibility 2 change authors profi

someone from the shortstories team did disable the possibility to change my authors profile or to make authors comments to my publications to update them on new developments.

I just wanted to update my authors profile but it is not possible anymore. It already for quite a while gives me always error messagges when I try to do that.

did they sorpress them that they need to disable it until I write them a message from my emailadress or from their contactform to figure out with which computer or telephone and IP adress I would be writing now??? seen I do not publish anymore with one of the destroyed and compromised phones or computers???


e-storeis team, would you please enable me to update my authors profile again???


or did you sell the authors platform for a few billions to the dangerous criminals who commit organized abuse and organized unethical fascist experiments???


Here in the meanwhile the text that I wanted to update on my authors profile.


I am working these days on 3 books.

my autobiography and about the crimes done by people from northern italy, basilikata and germany and USA and Vatican and Santa Croce ,the nazis, the freemasons and NSA to me and others.

And a more general version that gives an overview on the anti stalking laws and recommendations for peopke who are and have been persecuted.including as well poetry and songlyrics that take a stand against the persecuting neurorapers.

On My book on healing arts seen I studied and applied for 30 years now successfully with international references from all over the world healing and energy work and life coaching, burnout prevention and trauma treatments.

On a book on different management and teaching and learning styles and entrepreneurship.

one on society and the concerning developement of an ignorance and paricipation in sensationlust crimes on the costs of other peoples lifes.

some of the chapters I published here, other publications are public letters seen authorities until the day of today after 38 years crimes done to me still do not arrest the criminals but contribute to the crimes and identity and life theft that has done to me.

i never would have published in detail on the crimes of lake garda and peope who claimto be relatives just because their name is onmy birth certificate as well or others who are new acquaitances of them who tried to give my identity and rights that come along with it to others.


Crimes were done to me because of a lack of respect to what others do not understand.

they cannot understand mebecause I am Saskia Charlotte, born on 7th march 1985 around 11 pm in a bethesda hospital.
But when you try to reach out to me through my name you end up at criminals who stole my life seen they managed even to steal insigna/vaccine/communication adjustments and pretend to be me while atthe same time having destroyed with military and state agent flanagan technology a part of my body system to preventtht I would be able to communicate naturally. this they did already during my childhood when the realized that I was very aware of who I am.

Short update.


to all who say I would ahve wasted albis money.


NO... After 2 nights to gain back some lost energy and to recover and relax I am for a couple of days hiking. And hope that finally some people start to arrest the criminals!!!


this means as well.. whoever thinks I would reside in a hotel these days.. Go and ARRESTthe people who are in hotels and pretend they would be me, because I am NOT in a hotel.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/16/2023.


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