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could someone please scan 2017-2022 regards Nadia Giramonti ?

could someone please scan 2017-2022 regards Gianni Giramonti (father of Albi Giramonti, Nadia Giramonti (works for the towns ainistration of peschiera) Sara Giramonti (owns Villa Emma) and their friends Lucille (sure name you find on FB in their friends list), Roberta Danti (granddaughter of Antoinette danti (she lived in the flat next to mine and Roberta for a few years when it was still fried Heinz Theodor flat had rented the flat from him, they were always interested to buy the flat one day as were Saglia and romagnoli interested into buying the garage and the interno 1 and some always wanted to buy my painting of gennaro favai (an original we have it in 5th generation in the family (belonged to the grand aunt of fried Heinz theodor), Elisa Brighenti (nutritionist for food suggestions in a hospital) and Davide Benamati (was townsmayor or brenzone in 2018-2021).

Eventually start the scan 1985!

Please investigate on them since1985 but especially the last 5-6 years in how far they are involved into everything that happened to me!!!

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/17/2023.


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