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Bulgaria 2022

Bulgaria is a beautiful country.
Nature wise at least.

I was entirely impressed by it's stunning nature when I was traveling through with my Peugeot 206CC.

It is full.of ancient heritage, nature wilderness and as well Sofia with it's various cathedrals and huge churches of all religions of the world is architecture wise impressive.

For everyone traveling Bulgaria don't forget to visit shipka, plotviv, Sofia, benli tash and when you travel towards Greece dchoose the border that brings you to kavala near the Turkish border. It is a beautiful car ride along the coast from kavala Greece later on.

Bulgaria is paradise for natural photographs like me and for those interested into culture that dated back up to 8000 years before Christ with ancient pyramids that remind of smaller versions of the ones in Egypt.

The only downside of Bulgaria. The fascists had taken over there entirely with having actively participated into the Holocaust,extinction camps antisemitism and considered Hitler as their big friend.

It was disgusting to see all the Nazi symbols and hidden Nazi symbols that I dictate globally up to the day of today the towns and villages that are hide outd for Nazi war criminals which I recognized as well in some hidden places in Spain (much more than in Portugal by the way) and very limited places as well on Portugal, it is the same sbols you find everywhere in malcesine and brenzone hidden into the architecture and fenced of some properties.
But this I did not know before I got the vaccine.

But before fascism was in Bulgaria it must have been beautiful and I met when entering Bulgaria a few friendly people.

I had received my first moderna shot in switzerland.originally I did not even want to get a vaccine at all but global governments hadade it impossible at some point to travel on without or with constant COVID tests and seen the situation of corrupting dangerous criminals I was not able anymore to take the risk in visiting phaacies or in other countries those tests were only available in hospitals.

They even tried to corrupt me Sutter in Switzerland where I got the first moderna shot.

I would have waited in Switzerland until the second but the dangerous criminals pretended that on the 9th the borders of all countries would be closed and NOONE would be able to get in or out a country and Switzerland had decided respectively the UN there to NOT helpe despite the UN investigation protocol against Neuro rape and Neuro torture but to let do instead the brain wash neuroleptiker protocol because I know so much so I did not want to get stuck in a country that socalled neutral rather wanted to destroy my life even more and after reading Snowden's biography I came to awareness as well that gemf the HQ of the UN in reality was as well the HQ of nsa and CIA. The kanton of Ticino governed by Santa Croce, the kanton of Luzern and bern governed by nsa Santa Croce and evtl CIA and bnd.

The other kantons representing MORE intelligent secret services of the world who started at some point to support me entirely when they came to know about me but the I formation reached me too late and that if I just had left tici o to another kanton not mentioned I would have been safe for a while.

But not wanting to risk to be imprisoned in Switzerland where it is very expensive (well..less expensive than the USA when it comes to safe accomodations, seen the USA when you want to be safe in an accomodations as a woman traveler it is AT LEAST 150 per night but this I did not know) I co tinued traveling before the 9th would be happening falling into the trap of the dangerous perverts who just wanted to prevent that I receive the truth and my rights and identity.

So I did travel through Slovenia (where I tried wasting time to reach out to a German diplomat who coincidentally was registered on bewelcome but who refused to help seen he strictly separated between his leisure life and his role as a diplomat where he could have reached out to the gean hovere t to helpe resolve the situation),Croatia (beautiful but dangerous due to the kosovo-croatiwn dangerous person of malcesine who already in 2017 caused trouble) , Bosnia (beautiful country and friendly people and I would have stayed there longer if not as soon as I used my bank card they would have given orders to let declare a me for insane and to put things on drugs as well in Bosnia), I traveled through Kosovo to reach Serbia where I had hoped to find help at friends I once had in Serbia in Belgrade and vrankadschka banja ( the daughter of a famous doctor but they live now in Dubai and a manager of a company who lives now in Belgrade but he was just become father and after all it would have become dangerous for him and his family if I had got to know where exactly they are and through me the dangerous criminals, so after all I did not meet any of them) and seen the Serbians at the border made their normal procedures of 1hour games until they let pass someone and me not having the border money to get through easily I was as well a bit fed up with the country where I turned to see as well everywhere those shocking indirect Nazi symbols. Once you know how to identify them you cannot ignore them anymore or pretend it would be just normal architecture ornaments.

So after traveling through all those countries where I once had friends I entered Bulgaria, still considering back then to travel to Russia by car without needing to go through the roman catholic enclaves and European CIA nsa Nazi subgroupheadquarters Poland and Czech Republic or Hungary.

I reached Bulgaria and as said the nature was stunning.
Bulgaria had as well been recommended to me by the boyfriend UZU of my friend Julie Liebelt from Hamburg who was from there.

I had forgotten my Vogue sunglasses at Jules in hburg when visiting her and coincidentally the time that I was in Bulgaria her boyfriend planned to go to Bulgaria to visit his family and was able to bring me my sun glasses.

But it turned out to reveal shocking truth.

The boyfriend of jule who was always a wonderful open-minded person, he turned out to be fascist, and antisemitic person and got involved immideately into everything..or was he a set up for jule until he would have accomplished with the other fascists what did regard me???
He is as well on the voice recordings in the icloud because as soon as I realized that there was sth entirely wrong about that guy I started to do voice recordings of the entire last time I saw that person and his friends.

He had even "helped" me to find a stay for two nights at a female friend of his but there then he brought another friend of him.
It was already after that I got the second shot in the Bulgarian military hospital of Sofia.
The second night that I had slept at uzus friend ,I had a nightmare with a person being pressed against my body and I woke up with another needle injections point at my neck.

The friend who had a child said to him (do not worry, she even forgave the carabinieri police... WELL I DID NEVER FORGIVE the carabinieri because before that day I did not even know that even the carabinieri of malcesine we're part of those who were let into my flat beingade believe by maroadi buttura danti Saglia zeni that I would be one of their prostitutes they did sell and drug).

I just left there and traveled on but from that moment as well Bulgaria that beforehand had been treating me very friendly seemed to have become dangerous.

Everywhere else it was wonderful and beautiful with very friendly people as well in the sacred areas.

It was as well in Bulgaria where the IS or a Moslem did realize that I am NOT Silvia and did refer this to everyone to let know everyone what had happened and that they passed a friendly woman with healing skills for that disgusting bitch of Italy.

From.that moment a lot of things changed to the better.
They started to observe me but not anymore to chase me and gave attention as well to the imams. It was then in Greece later that an imam the conclusion that I have a lot of similarities with the prophets who were wise and having healing skills and being closely connected to nature and the stars.

I was closely connected indeed as well to Bulgarian ancient life and the aegian sea as soon as I entered Greece.

I started however to have huge problem with people in Bulgaria after I had met Uzo to have back my vogue sun glasses that he gave me on the second day because before he had forgot them and I had.
People.stsrtrd to follow my car and tagging it with virtual reality tags such as prostitute, when I had asked police whether they could recommend me a safe hotel they did sende to a hotel prostitutes work in winter (evidently I did not stay there), the hotel grand Sofia in Sofia where I stayed after the vaccine was not safe either because they all looked there similar to enrico Saglia who worked there and tried to corrupt people to say I would be insane while I was at breakfast) and though with my two sleeping bags I made it easily until minis 7 degrees Celsius outside sleeping in my car after my car had become tagged it became dangerous because cars pulled up during that I did sleep and tagged my car with more things.

I had to move on and decided for Greece as well to the warmer.trmperstures (and indeed in February I took my first bath in the sea for a swim and in the gulf of Corinth).
Traveling Greece shore was great and a good choice for photo and picture taking.

I almost would have even had an employment for tourist season 2022 but within 5 hours they became contacted by the dangerous prostitute sellers and terrorists of malcesine and well in Greece a lot of Santa Croce and fascist nsa CIA symbols.

Otherwise I could have been safe there as well seen I even still had contacts in Greece entrepreneur training course of 2013 but it turned out that already in 2013 people had become corrupted and they were embarrassed and ashamed and as well they evidently were following that insane podcast to which people had sold me and the Neuro rape data already in 2015 in Germany and later in Italy and other countries .but they did not even realize that they were gossipping about me when I went to visit them in Patras where I had had sent my luggage that had been still in new Zealand from 2019 .
But the luggage never arrived at the office of ingredient in Patras but someone did corrupt border control and it never arrived. It just was scanned everyday that it would be still in clearance processing.

It contained clothing, inclusive a green long winter cloak that was a present of a friend in Canada ,inclusive white winter gloves, inclusive myac book that I had bought in London Watford in January 2019 with A LOT of proof, inclusive the lists of ALL tourist guide tours that I had done for lago tourist and Goethe travels in 2017 (means if my luggage got into the hands of the dangerous criminals ALL clients who were on the buses , means 700 people seen I did 12 excursions) are in danger of life seen they are all testimonies and or infiltrated persons of my existence as saskia Charlotte.
Inclusive the purchase documentations and selling documentation of the black car of 2017.
Inclusive a lot of personal identification items,
Inclusive a sealed diary of mine where I had done travel notes on 2019 that included as well hypothesis on what had been going on throughout 2018 and passwords for email accounts, , I on purpose did let seal it because it was hypothesis a lot and as well a few material for fictional books and who would not ask me why I wrote this or that could haveadr dangerous false interpretations).
Anyway..that luggage never reached Patras.

Instead a lot of dangerous things happened inclusive that people became.corruptrd to stealy licence plate to prevent that I would be able to travel on to a next country, a hotel was corrupted to do a needle.imjevtion and steal.sething while passing me for a person called Enrica,
And some.people.did sabotage at my motor sehere in Greece and put a few curses that I almost would have had a lethal accident.

Near Patras there were 3 extinction camps during fascism.

And near one they still did breed or took care of dog breeds that had been breeder to prevent anyone to escape from the camps .dangerous beasts.


And at atraxos they keep imprisoned in a military lake area someone that they STOLE and with whom they make experiments.

It is not forbidden to enter the area and approach the is only forbidden to take pictures.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/17/2023.


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