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my iphone se second generation

My iphone Se- second generation (saskia Charlotte junker . Artist)

I did buy in Hamburg in summer 2021 in a store near to my old address in Hamburg wandsbeker marktstraße where I lived from 2010 to 2014, near the shopping center Quaree Wandsbek where I to finance my naturopath study at the arcana and the expensive shiatsu courses with a study job at the fruit and vegetable store Rohde (but they infiltrated atinis inside who mobbed me out) and then 1 year at the Cinemax wandsbek where until they infiltrated someone from a Berlin newspaper I earned extra money. Especially the last movies brought extra money seen work ended at 2:30 in the morning and this meant extra salary, similar to Sunday work and work on Christmas and Easter. Then they I filtrated that guy from Berlin who launched an intrigue and then when I fell down the stairs of the train station on my birthday in 2012 or 2013 I was for 2 weeks not able to work and they found an excuse to fire me. It happened on the birthday when Michael had written me an email that he had done no mistake ever in his life towards me except of letting Adelheid move in, that he missed me and whether he would just have been the bigger who raised me.
I was SHOCKED and in tears the whole day of my birthday because it was not a birthday email at all but rather a hate mail where no responsibility was taken for his choices for dangerous people such as wissing and her family and that he missed me was absurd.
He got to know Adelheid when I was 14 and ever after he almost neglected me and it was me who reached out and checked on him how he would be doing when I moved to sascha or when Ioved to the Netherlands and he had to invent excuses and lies towards Adelheid when he wanted to call me or come to visit me.
And out of a sudden he wanted 12 years later pick up at my age of 15??? This was incredible.
And that he then 2 years ago did not want to believe me when I told him about Janina and about the dangerous family of his wife and her acquaintance lapetina he was not even willing to confront his wife regards those people.
Nonetheless I I formed the German Police through online anzeige NRW to PLEASE check on Michael in spring 2021 and what I had come to know about his wife but they evidently never followed up on it.

Anyways. I lost my work at the Cinemaxx and was at least then for 6 months living from disepmloent money seen I had payed one year into the disemployment fond.

Anyways..back to 2021.
I visited Hamburg in summer when I had my car in the hope to catch up with old friends, with Jules it worked out because Ianaged to see her without needing to call her but with a shiatsu colleague it did looked as if they had sorptrsser her seen in front of her house a car was parked with aan looking like the relatives of wissing observing me and the house. I said nothing and just showed comprehension to the given reason for not having time for me neither today nor the next weeks.

I as well was in Hamburg to let reissue my study certificates from arcana and from my shiatsu courses and so I was in Hamburg and bought the iPhone SE

It contains ALL proof of my travel until Houston Texas March 2022 and all documentation and photos of my research for the books and as well the nature photography.

So whoever stole it after he saw the IMEI through the illigal insignias when I did send the IMEI to the Pentagon in the hope THEY would find it first but at that point the Pentagon did not take it serious at all.

When I was however once at an apple store they corrupted an employee to pass that iphone for Samantha and for Marion wissing.

In addition at some point they passed it for that is bitch from Veneto and I became persecuted by isis.

Because they attached it to a SATELITE that as well is known by isis.

It took until I was at Reelfoot lake camping site until the husband from is that had been betrayed by that bitch from Veneto who returned to her boyfriend from is the hypnotist,

Realized as well finally that I am NOT his wife but the byany respected person and to whom the imam gave the attribute prophet and healer and teacher.

So he reprogrammed the tag they had done to the iPhone SE but they did not know that it was not on my possession anymore since March 2022 which means whoever stole the iPhone after pretending that they know the IMEI and it would be proof that it is theirs runs around now with a prophet tag and with all the proofs respectively they tried to delete and erase all the proofs about the fascists and their crimes and the European subgroups of the CIA that in Europe in reality are entirely recruits of the fascists and war criminals (this is why I I'm the beginning confused the CIA with Santa Croce and nsa and band and Vatican because in Europe it is all the same eversince 1970 when the USA without knowing for which they gave money approved the fascist Italian CIA chief in Rome to built CIA subgroups in all over eastern Europe with the excuse to want to prevent that Russia where the cold war had been fueled would gain power, while in reality only in the 70s all fascists and war criminals who had got prison sentences were released seen the longest sentence was 25years. Nobody in the USA knew what really was done with that money until it was too late - source "CIA-the whole story" written by Tim Weiner, whichentions all the European and eastern European countries where there are CIA fascist subgroups and hq s when once understood to read between the lines/ seen people doubt my publications regards the extinction camp criminal t.eicke, you can read that he was stationed at malcesine and corresponding from there with Himmler and Goebbels and Goering in the biography about Theodor Eicke "zwischen nervenklinik and waffen SS).

So...whoever is in possession of my iphone se that was attached to the icloud account had only one interest. To destroy the proof.

Inclusive all the documentation about lapetina that exists in the no stalk account that was attached to the iPhone as well.

My iphone se was a very good companion and contains beautiful pictures that are unique from Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Bosnia, Bulgaria ,Greece, Florida, Houston, Palm springs, jaci to national park.

Some.of them I had publishrd on eye.em a photography platform where one can offer photos.

But within 12 hours that I had registered there the psychopaths inclusive lapetina had infiltrated there with fake profiles and started to harass and molest me because it tis possible to write messages. I took as well screenshots of those messages and profiles and some of them I as well documented in the nostalk account.

In Greece where I almost had an accident the pervert did make a LIKE to all photos that were taken near the place where the accident had happened.
And even more he pretended to be a company that would be interested into buying one of those pictures.

I had to take all photos away from the platform.amd close my account.

Whixh I now regret because otherwise I at least would have a backup of more than 1000unique nature photography pictures that are of really high quality and I am not arrogant. It's a fact.

As well it contained the proofs of several voice recordings and video recordings.

Several talks I had with police officers, with the medical I was in Hamburg, with Karl Erich Jaeger, with Erika sudau, jochen ehlers (Enduro fun France),  with many more..whenever I had the feeling it would be important to have a proof on what would be said so that no one would be able to afterwards sorptrsser the people or corrupt the people I had been talking to. And as well there were 2 video registrations of energy trauma treatments I had been given to a client that I wanted to use for  a homepage once I would be able to get self employed again and of one meditation exercise that I use to teach clients that I did register in kaci tos national park.

It contains ALL pictures of various certificates that I had let reissued as well of the registry of my my birth, as well ofy study certificates in the Netherlands, my employment certificate of pro Seniore hburg and the reference letters of DSM amzer Soyka Matthes Steuerberater Wirtschaftspruefer muelheim and of the therapy study certificates.

In addition it contains the pages documents that contain notes for my book about management and teaching styles and similar and as well the copy of my property certificate of via saltarino 6, internal 9 malcesine.

And it contained a parody about that dangerous disgusting vito that I composed after he in France corrupted people telling them I would be a prostitute .
Seen lapetina sounds a bit like lapin the French word for rabbit and seen he fucks and abused everything that is not capable to resist his NLP and Dr fascistanipulations the song goes like this "vito lapetin,fucks wie ein lapin, alles was nicht schnell genug auf einem baume ist" (seen the clichee that rabbits only would fuck all the time).

But the iPhone contained as well a music video Portugal that I did at a beautiful beach where I sing a composition that I made about a revolution song where unite people from all backgrounds and profession to fight corruption, to fight drugs and experiments without consent and that fight sexual abuse and liers and fight those who abuse power.

It contains as well the appointment I had with lawyer Thomas wider in cologne where he interviewed me about the exact family constellation and faked to help me and made copies of my study certificates , so he knew very well that I. A talented therapist and photographer seen I did send him a few proof from my photos from France and as well regards my book research and what I had discovered regards the crimes of the fascists I send to him. Well I did not know yet that he Mr wilke and udo Werner were involved into everything themselves.

It contains as well an improvised little story about malcesine which has the literal name mal cesine , means evil rock, so it contains a little story that Iade up about malcesine called roccia cattiva.

As well it contains a little larodi song about the bitch who is of opinion that I would haveade up the story of abuse but that I would have enjoyed all of the sex they did to me the various abusers and that I would have invented everything but would be a prostitute. It goes "inventatw,malcapitq,fraintesa. La Donna malfrapita,malcapita ,inventata ist auch schon weirder da." I experimented with the parpdi on her with some operetta voicing seen it sounded the best one can do with just those three phrases of that bitch who claims always I would have misunderstood and invented and that I would have amnesia and NOONE ever would have abused me.

And then it contains a song that I wrote about Markus rebitsvhek who instead of helping me denied all that was between us in the little affair in Palic Lake and the sort of friendship that had been kept despite of only hearing once in a while from each other. We even had a nice phonecall in 2020 where he was happy to hear my voice when I was calling him from malcesine. The song goes "wieder mal verleugnet, wieder mal verletzt.musste das wirklich sein".

It was song that could make carreer seen it is a situation for sure a lot of people in life have faced and would have been able to identify with it.

This means , the person who stole my iphone has all doxentations and documents that and seen they did insignias one they knew as well the password
And no..NONE of those registrations are interviews.

It contains as well the proofs of what happened whenever people hadanaged to put me on drugs as Iade voice registrations as well of those things and kept it and documented it later when and where those registrations were different than others.


FIND the person who is in possession of my iphone that I bought in summer 2021 because it contains all the proof..and the person who is in possession of it now had only one goal to destroy all proofs, to steal my docents, to do fraud and then try to murder me after passing me for someone else and letting declare me for insane and for dead.

It contained as well telephone numbers of people I had met throughout the last 2 years and there was a Viber account with European international calling and it contained a telegram account with which I had been writing with Alberto giramonti the last person left that had never got corrupt e and who supportse.woth his own money and knew as well how to take the moments that I simply had to get rid of the frustration of all that happened, it as well contained a Lyft and Uber account.

And in the iPhone case, a water proof case that I bought in Hamburg I had inside some "emergency" know the extra money we put somewhere and never touch it except for an emergency and the business card of a coach for authors who work on a book that I had met throughout my travels from Denmark.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/17/2023.


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