Saskia Charlotte Junker

the marriage argements at lake Garda, by old disgusting women

Did you ever hear about those marriage arrangement that are made in some cultures? Well in the sophisticated cultures it goes in agreement with the spouse and bride.

In disgusting medieval or extremist cultures people practically sell children shortly after birth and promise them to others.

Would you have thought this to take place at lake Garda?

I would not have thought about this in my most disgusting nightmares.

But it is true.

It was no coincidence that that disgusting old man was made believe he would have married me at my age of 8 while I made Christmas vacation with my childhood father Michael in malcesine in my flat.

No..disgusting old women of malcesine sold me to that person and made another one in addition believe it would be the girl he would have won in a card game that is called zardo and illigal but still played at lake Garda.

While I have nothing to do with any lake gardesian family.

Means they sold a strangers child to disgusting olden telling them they would be allowed to marry me if I do not find a part er on my own at my age of 30.

But they do not stop with children.

It turned out that some disgusting women of lake Garda malcesine brenzone KNEW all about that costababyboy and that latzitrina disgusting pervert and that THEY had sold me to them and married me to them.

It turned out that Nadia giramonti in 2018 OR 2019 Managed to receive a PROCURA for me a in March 2023 , 38 year old woman and that they ARRANGED everything and then they did sell my property.

Who the fuck do they think they are?

Do they still live in the medieval inquisition ages? Are they terrorists from isis seen they sold me to that isis hypnotist? Are they fascist comorrora ndragheta seen they sold me to an acquaintance of wissing? Are they Mussolini's complices seen they sold me to a fascist breed son of a bitch Giacomo Costa babyboy?

Why at all do those arrangements still take place at lake Garda where they coincidentally leteet people or send people to a specific place at the same time to try to match them and to sabotage each and every other possibility to find a person of their choice?

Does it have to do with Mussolini's race breed agenda?!

Because people who have a closer look into the archives of fascism and racism and Mussolini's role into it will find that his task from Hitler was to apply all breeding plans and experimental breeding plans which goes practically a long with the breeding invitro insemination experiments of the..Eicke. the disgusting old women through Santa Croce sects and freeasonry still continue the fascist Mussolini protocol?

Was this another reason why they STOLE various times when they abused and experimented with me after they did sedate and narcotized me OVARIES???

YES..THEY DID steal ovaries of mine, another reason why they halfly castrated or tried to castrate me in summer 2020, to gain a full ovary stock for their experiments.

All of this is considered as sexual abuse and rape under sedation seen they put their disgusting fingers into my vagina and their experimental gel.

This happened as well in January 2021.

I finally had the chance to go to a gynecologist to let check on the injury of 2020 that still on the left side did cause cramps and horrible pain.

Ianaged to go somewhere away from lake Garda to prevent that their non stop surveillance and corruption would reach the gynaecologist.

Shortly after there was again a nightly violation iny flat ,about a well later when I had notanager to fortify the door ofy bedroom and I woke up with medical gel between my legs.

Whether they experimented with me or whether they did let enter their clients to whom they made believe that I would be a very discreet and special educated prostitute ...
All of this is sexual abuse.

And I hope some of my readers will finally arrest ALL and everyone who did make them believe I would be a prostitute they had bought instead of allowing those people to corrupt and sorptess them because they are afraid that in the registrations of the abuse those Dangerous pervert criminals around Enrico Saglia orietta tobaldini family danti, family buttura, family maroadi, family trimeloni would stop to make their faces.

Because this is what they did towards everyone who was part of it.

They said that if they tell lies about me they wouldaks their faces in the registration.

They did the same with Robert Carl blank the singer songwriter with whom I had one or two one night stands while I lived in Hamburg.

It could have been a friendship or even more if life's had not been so different and if they had not sorptrsser him.

But they sorptrsser and corrupted him to tell bullshit or they would let see his face in the illigal disgusting porn people did throughout my entire life with their illigal insignias and Neuro monitoring experiments Neuro rape. They included the real people ,the few real that I met, to make it look like as if I had in everything participated with joy and to make it look like as if all did happen with consent.

Then they sorptrsser those I had met who would loose reputation as well and not only me such as Robert Carl blank or Markus rebitschrk (who as well got sorptrsser seen we had a short affair because he forgot to tell me that the mother of his children was not only the mother of his children but his life partner and was in a relationship with him.if I had known that I never would have gone to bed with Markus because I DO respect other relationships! But malcesine who did surveilled me illigally since my childhood then told everyone I would be a rubamarito (a woman who goes after all married man) to put me into hated light by all women who were married pretending that I had written sms and messages with all married man (no. I had oy knowing my phone was surveilled regularly changed the nickname of Markus to protect him seen there was a friendship, after Palic we never were intimate again, we just met as friends from now and then). I DO respect relationships what cannot be said about all those disgusting people.
And the only reason I preferred to TALK to married man at lake Garda was sometimes to PREVENT that people would misunderstanding me talking to a man that it would be trying to hook up with them..
Because as well in this regardalcesine brenzone and lake Garda are rather like the extremist form of some Arabic primitive cultures where only the man is allowed to talk to women but if women talk toen they don't know it would be considered as wanting to hook up with them.

NO sophisticated intelligent wise Arabic culture is like this anymore. As long as knowing the culture a language and knowing how to talk to people from the other gender they know very well that there is nothing second thought intended.
In contrary.
In many sophisticated and educated Arabic cultures from ancient background including Egypt and Saudi Arabia women are very respected and MORE respected than I have ever seen in many European or northern American countries.

And the country where women have the biggest issue is Italy.

As you read throughout the time following my publications I have been traveling the world.

Italy is the most discriminating country when it comes to women I ever came across.

If you are not married having children and a husband they are treating you there like 15 years old nomatter how old you are!!!
Women only make friends with women otherwise they are considered as rubamarito or whore. Women do not talk about politics but about fashion telenovela soaps big brother and the intrigues of next door dressing up with chick clothing and talking bad about the other women as soon as they leave the door to continue when the next person leaves.

And once they are married and become mother's or they receive pappi's and mommies business they start behave like the arrogant commander of the family giving directives to the children and pretending to have life and world experience without ever having studies or being out of the country or sometimes even province except for expensive holidays on the Maldives in Italian owned hotel resorts where they get drunk and do one or two Italian excursions and afterwards saying.i have been on the Maldives and Caribbean .I have seen the world.

And then they permit themselves to do illigal insignias on the girlfriends of their brothers to control and surveilled them whether they are good while their brother is allowed to do whatever he likes and making horrible interpretations and destroying a woman's life because they do not even understand what they see and think that if a woman eats out with a colleague on the vessel where she works would have an affair with a man she makes vacation with because they did not even know and for good reasons that I was gone to work on a cruise ship and that I left my cabin during the night to read a book in a common area to not disturb my cabin colleague from sleeping...

But yes Nadia and Sara and their friends robi danti Lucilla and Elisa did let do illigal insignias on me and then destroyed my life because they THOUGHT I would have betrayed Alberto and DECIDED to steal all my heritage to not refer to me letters to let pass me for different people to sell me to vito lapetina, to sell me to Leo Giacomo Costa, to let issue a procura, to let grow a testicle with crispr and to not even tell their brother Alberto about it or ask him whether what they see is right or wrong because probably they did an illigal INSIGNA as well on him and he would never have accepted that they treat me like that and he still believes his sisters are innocent little angels.

But well..maybe they are and someone stole the "vaccines" of Sara and only nadia who did the procura together with Gianni giramonti and Enzo conte and Marco magri are involved in all this because eventually Sara is not Gianni giramontis daughter but daughter of someone else seen she does not even look similar to the giramonti part of the family.


Because Sara was sincerely sorry to what has been happening towards me the more she started to understand and once in 2018 she as well did defend me towards her parents when they critiziced me constantly and said that I and Alberto seriously care for each other and to stay out of our relationship.
But noone did listen to her. Probably because there were other plans all long being made...and who does speak up and does not contribute they start to exclude of their fake society at lake Garda doing sabotage...


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/17/2023.


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