Saskia Charlotte Junker

only 3 months to live ???

Would someone please be so kind to explain me why there are people who think I would only have 3 more months to live??? And why they tell it everyone else but not to me?!?

And why they still let me live like the way they do with ruining and sabotaging and telling lies everywhere ?????

Did someone inject a tumor of which I don't know about?!
Can you please find that criminal who did it and put him on the electrical chair?
Thanks because it is where he belongs.

Or is it someone else who has only 3 more months to live, someone of the people who were important to me in my life in Europe with whom I went in empathy or with whom I was together for a year and those psychopaths infected them with a lethal illness and nobody tells me but talks about it with the entire world such as they talk about everything they stole from me decontestualozing it?!?!

Could please finally someone have the guts to be truthful and put the insane psycho criminal mass murder serial killer and procurists and thieves I to prison or apply the death penalty for mass murder ?!?

And let me have all my rights especially all rights to all knowledge that regards me?!?!

If it's true that I have only 3 additional months to live I at least should have all the money of the world they stole from me and all property they stole from me and all knowledged and access to knowledge they denied me but giving it to dangerous psychopathic insane criminals who used it to turn our planet into living hidden dictatorship fascist hell if gevernments and authorities who could interfere above governments seen military and Pentagon has equal decision rights eversince after WW2 to make sure in emergencies that fascism Never again can happen. Did they forget this? It is a paragraph in all military of the world who helped to end fascism and won over the Nazis after we 2 that in case of dangerous that it could happen again by infiltration or stupid amnesic governments military will be able to  do decisions above the head of governments. This is written in the Pentagon early documents and in the KREML early documents and in some other military forces early documents after WW2.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/17/2023.


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