Saskia Charlotte Junker

how are the I quiery results Arizona Tucson?

Are the rumours true that authorities (free masons, Roman catholic church /bishop), and police with corrupted hotel employees did let declare me for insane?!

Just in case that this is the case you have even more reason to investigate on them.

I KNOW that housekeeping in the double tree Hilton Reid park and downtown inclusive 2 janitors and in the Clifton and front desk employees in the Clifton and Hilton double tree inn did communicate with vito and Leo.

The bishop I had tried to approach to be able to communicate about the abuse situation by the roman catholic church at lake Garda and the hidden WW2 criminals and Samanthas and the person who killed don vito and then PRETRNDED to be him in malcesine .
So in case HE decided to declare me instead of helping for insane then most probably similar things do take place in Tucson.

Kind regards,

Saskia Charlotte Junker.

I as well know that the police and security in Tucson of various places had been tried to be corrupted or being given directives. Whether they succeeded with this entirely or not I don't know.

But in the regards of the police. 1 year ago a young man was murdered and despite of that there are a lot of I dictations and knowledge on who probably did this still NOONE became arrested.

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Published on on 01/18/2023.


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