Saskia Charlotte Junker

concerning news about "vito" and "Giacomo Lennie Costa"

They are not only highly dangerous and owning stolen billions with contact's to people who issued for them procura , marriage  certificates,new passports, insanity declarations and similar and knowing people who for them on global scale murder others without even verifying whether the person is whom they intend and with stolen insignias to housekeeping, freemasons, bishops, janitors, andany other profession groups (I call those two simply I sigma serial killers )

But they are seriously INSANE and complices . They worked together throughout their entire lifes.

THEY ARE partly CONVINCED they would have protected me and not persecuted and murdering people and doing incisions on people with whom I went into empathy and whom I liked would have been a surprise for me because they seem convinced that this is abuse.

They do not realize that their persecution is NOT wanted and remains persecution and stalking.

And their isolation and theft of my money and life and friends would have been their legit right to do so and I would have asked them to do all that and their illigal porn would have been as well a surprise.

And now they seriously for me having filed reports against them want to take "revenge" because they pretend to have protected me?!?!

They are dangerous, reckless, did pretend to have rights and in a way of corruption, sorpression and similar.

It looks that they did contage me with something to take revenge.

In addition the latest news is that Lennie was just released from PRISON!!!

ABOUT VITO I ALREWDY TOLD YOU THAT HE IS A BEAST with animal sperm and not a human at all.

I guess that Lennie as a pilot is the pilot of the private airplane of vito that he bought with the stolen billions and with which they stalk me to every country where a private plane is allowed to land!?

And for the rest they corrupted almost entire America to help them commiting crimes, murder and abuse?!?

And to let me declare for insane?

And both hired by orietta tobaldini, Enrico Saglia, Andrea dorigoni, tanya zeni, club hotel Olivi malcesine and the descendent of Eicke?

Mentioning orietta tobaldini..she is as well the one who convinced Hilke that he would have married me and that I just would have amnesia.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/18/2023.


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