Saskia Charlotte Junker

is it true that someone stole an additional luggage from me?

Is it true that someone stole an additional luggage from me pretending to be husband or tutor or authorized while I left it at a place ?

Or do some criminals with INSIGNA and neuromonitoring just want to make me believe that so I would return earlier than planned?

I left it there seen I have two huge luggages and took for the next days only what I needed with me.

And the place KNOWS that NOONE has allowance and permit to access it seen it knew that people not even had permit to know where I am and I told them clearly that I am not married and no procura existing. is impossible.

Just in case they did I will publish that place in one of the next publications.

Who hoped I would file police report in such a case must be insane seen police on global scale was corrupted and or given directives by insane dangerous criminals that abuse their power and communication adjustments through stolen insignias or relatives or having been formerly working for such institutions.

I don't trust police because they nowadays evidently protect criminals instead of arresting those.

No. In such a case I would publish as I nowadays always do instead of filing reports.

Btw in that context.

Some idiots already in 2015,2017,2019,2021 and 2022 and maybe again

Told people I would have faked my death or committed suicide BASED ON THR OY FACT that I had stopped to use specific computers or telephones or iphones or MacBooks they had compromised without my consent and without telling or explaining me.


I always stop using computers and telephones at a certain time when they became destroyed by the monitoring and stalker networks to have at least a certain amount of privacy.

Though my entire privacy has been stolen by insane dangerous persons through their monitoring insignias without consent and their "microspie" (how Enrico and the guys of cablecar malcesine call those things) that had been installed and injected without consent.

So at least I try to keep my devices spy free.

I had to invest 20.000 USD just for telephones, telephone numbers and computers throughout the last 10 years due to the vandalism of my properties that I paid from my very own money.

In addition I had to throw away shoes several times in the last years because they installed eversince 2014 regularly gps trackers in the soles of the shoes without consent and without explanations.

As well based on that they pretended I would have faked my death.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/18/2023.


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