Saskia Charlotte Junker

Lennie did let inject a lethal disease ...

Because he considers me disabled and he would have felt sorry for me . So he applied the fascist principle of murder or euthanasie. even pretends I would have asked him to promise me that he would kill me before someoneanaged to do experiments with me. And now he pretends even I would have to be grateful to him for that. When will that insane mass murder be arrested. He is such a fan of trump. Trump did one good thing.he reintroduced the death penalty. Lennie as well is responsible for having murdered family members of mine with the same intention and motivation and reasoning. And to everyone. NO.. I. Not happy that I was FORCED to publish everything about Janina and mechtild and their acquaintances... It was me even though not relative to some of them who for many years and decades always had hoped they simply would be fine and finding peace respecting my life. But Janina did not and with the help of Saglia dorigoni zeni tobaldini wishing they destroyed everyone!!! Orietta Saglia tobaldini and the wissing family practically are responsible for that everyone who once was important to me has been murdered and their life destroyed... Responsible are as well state agents and the German and Italian government and later the EU and other governments who permitted everything and experiments from birth on and who seem to consider all dead people as collateral damage and protect the serial killers and insane persons instead of arresting them and compensating everyone at least on a decent economical level giving all their legit rights.. Because for many other things they will never be able to compensate... You cannot compensate the murder of innocent people, you cannot compensate a stolen life or people being made believe talented and respect worthy people who helped always everyone and did a lot of effort are confused with prostitutes and fascists and are treated like shit everywhere... The marriage of Michael andechthild?!? Had been on purpose been DESTROYED by a CIA state agent who was contacted to pretend to be an aupair girl and who was ordered to make mechtild believe that Michael wanted an affair with her and would have MOLESTED her... If this had not happened it would never have been possible despite of sometimes very different characters to convince mechtild to look around for other people... As well the studienstiftung Des Deutschen volkes was a set up to lureechtild away and make her believe she should look for someone different... Now..the question is... WHO did gave those orders to the Hungarian aupair girl Andrea?!? And who is responsible to have been recruitingechtild for state agencies???

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/19/2023.


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