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what is the role of Britta franzke wand and Johannes wand ?

What is the role of mechtilds brother Johannes wand (son of her father Johannes wand) and his wife Britta franzke wand? Both very connected to the roman catholic church , Johannes is padrino di batesimo of Janina, and both working in management positions of the regional BANK of the zone of Paderborn!?! I met them only 3 times in my life for how much I can remember. The first time I had a discussion at my age of 4 with Johannes shortly after the Berlin wall came down and he made nazi comments about strangers now coming into Germany and next time I remember when I was 8 years old and he was driving me to muelheim from Brakel and constantly calling with the roman catholic social service. Ever after I never saw him again. I had fallen asleep during the car ride at some point over my book and at the end of the car ride he said he would be a big asshole and I should never tell it to someone..I don't know until the day of today what he wanted to never been told..but he tried seriously to corrupt me with an ice cream . He just losty respect even more. I never talked to him again or saw him again afterwards. But for very weird reasons they have data and neuromonitoring access. Johannes is under suspect to have declared together withevhtild their sister Annetta Wand for shizophrene after one of them drugged her. She was the oldest and would have been direct heritage recipient as the family tradition of their father Johannes wand who was dieing of a rare lung disease and who I appreciated a lot would have received the oldest person. She was more like him than the other children as well. They did let declare Annetta for insane and put her her entire life on strong psychofatmaka and Johannes until the day of today co trolling her entire finances! Janina once found this kind of in a weird way amusing. I never understood what would be amusing about it. Did Johannes took control and surveillance on me because he thought I remember everything he said during his phone call with the roman catholic church social service?! Is he among those who did let declare me for insane in Europe to prevent that a dark secret about him and mechtild would come to the surface and Janina got to know that due to the insignias she made on me and sorptrsser him to help her to do something similar to me??? What is their role in everything..Britta frqnzke wand comes originally from warendorf.

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Published on on 01/19/2023.


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