Saskia Charlotte Junker

and then there is Julia wand, the youngest sister of mechtild

What is her role in all? She is the youngest sister of mechtild and she was rather a friend to Janina. She accused me in 1998 that Michael would have brainwashed me and that therefore I would have wanted to live with him. It was shortly before Janina sent me a letter that I evidently had then not even Amy I tested to even read and ran after the postman to make.sure that he knows that I did not want to have that letter and that NOONE would say later that someone would have stolen or denied me the letter and to make sure him to know it was my decision.i maybe even told him that they accused me of being brainwashed while I had had to fight for 3 years that I was allowed to grow up with Michael officially. Julia wand for many years worked at border control Germany. Did Julia abuse her former contacts throughout the last years to sabotage travel whenever possible? Or to control where I would enter a country? Did Britta and Johannes abuse their bank contacts to let surveilled my bank accounts and put me into bad light at my very own banks?!?! (Regards Britta, I messed up her maiden name. Franzke is not her maiden is the surname of another person. But that other person was always good to me and his wife. That couple were just sceptical and neutral and tried to stay out of the intrigue not being able to do a lot against it.but always as well friendly and sympathizing with Michael and sorry for how mechtild did treat him. But they did sende from now and then letters and presents without any pressure or expectations just warmly and always with honest friendly greetings to Michael.

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Published on on 01/19/2023.


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