Saskia Charlotte Junker

more proof regards Leo Giacomo Costa sinclair

- his girlfriend was the neighbours girl of Fitz Gerald , San Luis Obispo. They sorptrsser him with their knowledge about his identity.

- he stole my security backup and then tried to destroy the cable and or hard drive where I have more security backups
- he tried to destroy my passport ,all while I was sleeping ,that was why it looked worse than ever before at bwi airport - he gave directives and corruption to let CANCEL my flights at BWI airport
- he tried to let murder me - he tried to let declare me for insane - he pretended I would have stolen his credit card to gain access to the card credentials of the card I use and did let issue a procura to surveilled when and where it is used - he tries to let murder everyone who knew me in my life and was desperate when he came to know about another testimony of my existence - he stole the compensations that the mother side of Marion wissing tried to let have me - he stole the testaments of Maddalena,
- he wanted to help Janina with whom he shares same views upon the world
- he told people I would have betrayed and stolen from him - he probably tried to murder my childhood father and as well to let cause an accident Alberto had in April who for that reason had not been able to make me money transfers in April and may - he instructed salvation army that I would be a prostitute - he gave orders to let steal a being I was pregnant with in May pretending it would be his child
- he tried or succeeded to let inject a lethal disease into me,
- he sorptrsser and or corrupted entire San Luis Obispo because he knows all their real identities to tell lies - he was just released from prison
- his other friends he corrupted sorptrsser or was complice from beginning were Cameron, Jared, Nicholas coffee, heaven, the neighbours of Fitz Gerald from Cambria, and he cooperated the entire time with Janina, vito, Enrico, and a few politicians from governments who had planned all the illigal experiments
- he made sure that the vito got the rest of the illigal porn, letting put aphrodisiaka in my food and seduced me with his manipulation pretending towards others that everything was with consent

He even pretended I would have asked him to do all that

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/19/2023.


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