Saskia Charlotte Junker

in all those horror a few amusing things to share

Some of you might wonder how it is possible that I don't break down in tears with all those shitters psychopaths serial killers and insane governments.

Very is them who should cry and are insane .not me.

And I never losty love for life itself and never losty humour.

And of course I apply constantly what I teach and heal to others on myself.

It does not make the things less horrible but they do not damage my health and mood and clarity of mind or energy.

Here are as well a few funny things to share that are very using:

-seriously some insane people wanted to issue a passport for me putting my age at 26 :D.

I am 38 in March.

Maybe those idiots who do crimes should go to a highschool and look for a 17 year old who would love to have a falsified passport where she is 26 and then they can match her with Costa Lennie baby boy who loves to reedu ate and treat and decide about others as if they were 3 years old buying them ice cream and french fries and making sure they say 1000 times thank you for it afterwards after having wasted 5000 dollar do UNDUST a car before going on a road trip through dusty national parks...


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Published on on 01/19/2023.


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