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more about the real janina maria junker

SOme people commented on my satire publication that regards BWI airport 5th-7th septemberr 2022 that it would not be satire but cynica.


But the category cynical does not exist.

Satire comes the closest.

As mentioned in the previous publication, there are a few things that if it was not devastating what it causes and did cause to my life, it is almost funny.


I mean, Think about it.

I am 38 in march, I work in the therapeutical trauma processing field as a therapist for in march exactly 10 year (I yesterday had my course certificate on advanced trauma treatment with energywork, 6 weeks intensive training in my hands) and I started to give coaching on importance of energy and empathy within mnagement and lifecoaching on empathy, energy household and the energetic immunesystem.

And someone SERIOUSLY wanted to pass me on top of all crimes they did to me for a girl of 26 years old???


While my clients are usually between 40 and 90 years old throughout my work as a therapist and life coach?


As well.. INSANE .. all those people who now for 15 years are RUNNING around in the world telling everyone that I must do therrapy, that I am severely traumathized, theat I am depressive or suicidal or shizophrenic...


and whom I am fighting off now for 15 years beause I am NONE of that.

I amANNNOYEd, and PISSED off about all those VARIOUS persecutors and STALKERS who everywhere pretend they would protect me against each other and would be worried.


well.. if they stop all to persecute me , and make finally the therapyTHEY need to do, then there is nothing to worry about anymore and I can live peacefully my life.


Especially when I finally receive all the money, heritage, and property and salaries that people have STOLENfrom me.


Because then I dont ned to look anymore like a person that would have failed in life while the only thing that I failed in was to file police report in 2012 when I became aeware of all that various stalking and illigal experimentations by insane people.



Funny as wlel the insane person who entitled himself to say he would have felt sorry for his crimes and deceits towards me and therefor decided to do even more crimes without asking me and to let declare me for DEAD?!?!

WTF.. would the next step been of him to murder me because he felt sorry for that he left over only a ruined life after all what he did , so he thought it would be beter if I was dead to safe me from that life, like some put down an injured animal??

Maybe someone should put dowen him and his friends who produce SPERRm that lets grow little snakes in other peoples intestines.


Some more funny things.

A few monts and as well already 2 years ago a psychopath did pass me for a 5 year old girl. Which means one of the insignas they injected me is from a 5year old girl. Does this mean that they murdered before that 5yearold girl? In either case some pieple I did meet who evidently seem to be blind and only act upon those insignas started to treat me as if they had in front of them a little child of 5 years old.


What kind of insult was that about? OHHHHH.. YEs.. now I remember.


On my page challengevies on fb I had shared some random anonimized philosophics and conclusions on life seen the stalking eversince 1998.


and somewhere I had written "if someone treats you constantly bad without ever stopping and without justification, than the only thing that is left is to approach him as if he was a child or mentally ill".. it looks as if this read was come under the eyes of those who inspired me to write it and then they wanted to take REVENGE because I had eposed them in an indirect way and wanted then that others would treat me like that.


And isnt it interesting that a certain woman wanted that everything in muy life would get destroyed what was important to me???


- absolute pricacy, and "me-time" with noone around , knowing wherre I would be or what I would be doing or what I might be thinking , in nature and nature alone that I need regularly simply for myself to recharge and discharge the stressfull energy of people who have only superficiality in mind

- traveling independently whenever whereever I want

- doing energy work and healing and therapeutical and management work (she made it impossible by causing that 24 hours later half of the world would know what ahs been said to me and where I would be etc.)

- my connection to nature and the animals and the stars which I had eversince born (seen it is considered as sacred knowledge she made sure that people would start to say I would be insane to prevent that people would believe me and to prevent that I would receive my full herityage and rights)

- having my OWN family and friends (she did let grow a crispr testicle while she KNEW that I am interested in man)

- my dog husky-colly-german shepherd windhound mix Cessy, she sorpressed tilman and liesbeth to say that they dont want me to have the dog any longer in nijmegen and wissing told michael to not allow the dog to come back to waldbachtal and forced me by that to abandon my wonderful dog to people who lived at entenfang because she inhibited as well that any person who would have be a really good alternative or that I would find a place where I could live with my dog together would be possible.. I would NEVERhave given my dog away

- my cats Morle and Julchen, Janina did POISON kitekat before the vacation to swededn and whenI came back my cat MORLE was dead and michael had not realized that my cat had vomited because the food was poisened but instead put the cat in the basement room keeping giving the poisened food until he died !

and Julchen Janina drowned in a barrel! because mechthild would always have made a serious face when seeing julchen because julchen originally was my cat but Janina caused with her possessive action on my 8th birthday that I wwas scared to go back to waldbachtal for a long time , so julchen was taken to greven reckenfeld instead of staying with me and of course julchen started to look for me, because this is what cats do , they look for whom is trusted to them when they suddenly are not there anymore... but muenster and muelchem were too far away and then janina at some point drowned julchen in a barrel and she neither was able to get back to the adress in greven because she died. janina did confess that to the psychologue she went to at her age of 14 or 15, the psychologue wanted to talk to mechthild but mechtild refused to talk with the psychologue of janina, insisting janina needed to talk to her, not she.

- she stole all my post that arrived throughout the last years because I did send back the letter to her shortly after her friend-aunt julia wand had accused me of being just brainwashed and that it never had been my choice and decision to live and grow up at michael. she stole several testaments, and she pretended that I would not be interested into my heritage and into the truth  and she pretended to be me in italy because she wanted to "show me" how it is when someone buys a false hair match that looks the same and pretends to be you , beause she did not understand that I had defended her exboyfriend who had trusted and confided her to ahave as well a drag side and had admired herr so much that he had ordered false hair that looked like hers. (THIS is the reason why she pretends to be me, because she thinks then I finally would understand her, NO, there is nothing to understand about her, she is evil did identitytheft and full of hate and did murderr my cats and who knows who else because there are rumours that she tried to poisen and murder HEIKE the girlfriend of my father whoI loved and who got to know michael only because I had got to know her first , heike then approached michael without telling him the exat WHY and only said to him that she would not agree if he would alow janina one day to come and live with them as well.. for the rest she would have married him because she truly loved him, but heike never did tell the entire motication and that janina had tried to murder her with poison, heike however confronted janina about that, janina then later told everyone that heike would have told her that she would leave michael because michael would not be a good person and that heike would not be interested into keeping in contact with me either).

- Janina did steal ALLmy friends I had before telling them I would be evil and would have abandoned and betrayed her.


well.. when she said "betrayed" she referred to the situation of christmas 1988 when I did not lie when mechthild asked me at my age of 3 why I was so especially happy for christmas and I honestly said that I would know that I find my adored black coloured walldorf doll back under the christmas tree with a little white new dress like a princess.. and mechthild then knew that someone had betrayed her trust and had let lure me into the christmas room and she knew that I would not have done that.


And abandoned Janina?NO. I jsut do not talk to people who speak hateful about others or trying to murder innocent beings.

And then.. Janina did tell lies towards michael about me, lies about michael towards me, went to muelheim ONLY later to steal ALLidentificative items from me and to contact ALLformer friends I had made in my youth and to visit marion with whom she had evidently made friends probably already BEFORE marion got to know michael.

AND she stole a book full of poetry from real friends that I once had.


- and JANINA is responsible for that people did let make a PORN and abuse and did let make it look like as if all would have been happening with my consent.. because when she told lies about michael that he would think I would prostitute and alcolize me in hamburg and I was hurt by that michael dared to even think sth like that to be possible from my behalf.. I said in frustration and sadness about such NOTKNOWINGme at all that if someone really thinks sth like taht about me, then shall he think that, she took it as inspiration to make that happen to try to make him think this for real..


but even then when she had let present that disgusting movie she did let create, he did not believe her and them but did know that I always had told the truth and that she is NOTthe weet little girl he thought she would be... .


she as well had tried to do an insigna on anna lena and on raphael when she had been visiting muelheim.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/19/2023.


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