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more details about the REAL Janina Maria junker 22.12.1982

(ps: latest update.once again contact poison on my clothing that I left unattended for a couple of hours. This means my new accomodations leaked without even having mentioned it when I called the Marriott whether it is true or not that someone would have stolen my luggage that I had kept there and made clear that NOONE but me has any access right to it and that I as well still have the receipt.

Usually I have contact poison incidents ALWAYS WHEN I share more details about the Ukranian psychopath and serial killer from localita osteria vecchia 5, and I shared a lot in the puications of yesterdayentioning hauke patrizio Sala lucrele and other beasts from hell).

So I. Not surprised that they did find another excuse to sneak like snakes into my room probably without even be noticed by hotel employees).

But now the publication that regards the title.

Seen constantly people claim that I would be Janina and vice versa maybe a few additional details about her.

In 2012 she was brought into a psychiatry after she had a psychosis during a train ride. I wrote about this already in another chapter.

She had started to study religion and philosophy and metaphysics at a private Roman catholic university in Bavaria.

Who knows why she did that, did she persecute my challengeviews philosophical fb page and thought she must pretend to study philosophy and masonry just because I once was at one of the dance evening events that took place in the freemason loge of Hamburg but that was advertised in free events to do in Hamburg or because I went to the book reading of the author about freemasonry that took place there as well published as a free event by an author and I was interested to get in touch with authors seen I started to take writing more seriously again in 2012 after my break of writing in 2002.

Anyways. I had never studied philosophy at university and neither had to do with any sect like or secret organisations (sorry to those masons who are not abusive sect acting persons but the female loge acts and behaves like that and the people in Italy and some USA places as well as well.about others I don't know and I. Am neither interested .I am not interested into people stealing knowledge from others through spiritual abuse and spiritual murder and "adjusting stone shaping of a person's soul" and then pretending it would be theirs.).

However..Janina went into clinical setting in Bavaria from 2012 to 2014.

The she received a tutorship and someone was given rights to control her money for a couple of years, she received strong medication and was forbidden to ever again study sth like philosophy , religion or metaphysics or participate in masonry and similar organisations.

Is THAT the reason she as well tried to pass me for her??

Because she makes my page she never should have stalked anyway responsible for her interest into philosophy and those the places I had been?!
Did she want to cause me to suffer in clinical institutions like she did?
Did she want to make sure that my careers would become destroyed forever and someone ,preferably herself would start to control how much money I would have accessible, which post and letters and contacts I would have and tried to destroy all carriers and workplaces I really was interested in?!?

Is this the reason SHE organized that a few psychopaths would be made believe that they would be married to me (it seems that Everytime they swap between the people they passed me for in the meanwhile they make others again believe they would have married the person they passed me for next) because she knew I never would have spoken to such persons leave alone teamed up with them or married them?

Well.. they seemed to have ""cursed" me that I oy would have success in things I never wanted to do in my life.

This is turning these days against them .

Because I NEVER was interested into investigating against or about people or things or expose others publicly.

I as well NEVER was interested to go to war or to fight a war. I always moved away whent there was war.

But Brecht was right.

If there is war and you do not fight the war is coming to you.

But seen they cursed me it means that the moment that I start a war I gonna win that war and be very successful in doing so and then finally the fascist breed and Roman catholic church sects and their satinis that had persecuted all prophets inclusive Jesus himself will be exposed and put to jail.

It will be a clearance between energy healing and peace and those who destroyed all spirituality declaring their dogmatism for religion instead.

Before the roman catholic church and their satican and their extremists likewise did exist we had peace and nomadism and exchange of knowledge and peace and wisdom on earth.

Struggles and wars as well but not the deadly cruel wars and persecutions the world faced eversince the existence of the conquerors and controllfreaks of the roman catholic church.

I always wondered anyway how come that the Vatican who pretends to admire Jesus Christ came to locate in Rome, while Jesus Christ had been born in Bethlehem!

And well.. to put it into another person's words who is studied and more knowledge in those aspects.

The roman catholic church and the Vatican are celebrating Maria's immaculation and virginity  and their lie that Jesus would have stand up from the dead. Jesus did not stand up from the dead. Jesus managed to be rescued and then was able with energywork that people at that time did not understand to bee seen in energetically ways by his former friends to whom he tries to transfer the not be afraid , I am alive.

Maria was together and being taken care of by Petrus.latrt on in all senses.

And there are indications that Petrus was the one who deceived Jesus and not Judea. And then petrus did build the Vatican. And even more, it looks as if Adam himself has been involved into this because Adam was created while Jesus was a literal son being jealous and still in revenge for being forbidden entry into the paradise after he tested eva by letting seduce her to take the apple and to deceive he himself the forbid to touch the by god declared for holy and not to be touched apple tree that for some reason to God had a special meaning. But Adam did not want to receive directives.

But there still investigation is needed whether this is true or not.

If it is true they did it in the same way they do pass nowadays people for others to pretend that others have done the crimes they did themselves...

And it was neither the cock who shouted 3 times but a fathan.

As said there needs to be done more investigations on that by people who can investigate better.

I did not remove the other publication because I decided to publish until I gonna be compensated and people have been able to do investigations on all information that I publish)


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/20/2023.


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