Saskia Charlotte Junker

all those who organized everything stole all my money

Mechtild wand and her complices and urself herrchebach and the Italians then stolen all my money, my heritage, compensations from people who first were drawn into with lies and then felt sorry, then they got rid of all who did not want to participate or who believed me , corrupted everyone else and keep chasing and exploiting me and making sure my friend Albi has no possibility to give me any more money than that I am able to plan the next 5 days.

Making the hotels of America rich while I just survive.

And some people of those who stole billions constantly try new methods to see whether after all theyanage to murder me or let put me into a psychiatry to then murder me there and they inhibit all the times when I could go to places where I would be free or where I would receive my identity back that had been stolen or where I could receive decent compensations that I could start doing and acquiring everything that I wish to do to enjoy life after I only worked for others 38 years without any consent and having literally cured more than 100000 people and individuals.

Inclusive a nato secret. But they pretended it was a coincidence and I would not have been aware of it.
And their NATO secret, by the way they sold me as well to the mayo and told them I would be their property as they did sell me to governments and institutions.

The NATO secret are individual very huge and very intelligent that the NATO tried to train and use as living biological weapons..

They are so much more intelligent and wise than us but the NATO does sedate them constantly and keeps them in huge cages in the hope they would be able to use them as arms in case of war.

Those Individuald have no interest into war.
So they are experimented with and given substances to see whether they become aggressive after all.

And yes.
I communicated with them.becaude for real communication words are not needed.

One fell sick. I cured them. The NATO did not even know what sickness and I'll ess the NATO I dividual had.

I cured him.

He even invited me but the invite was never referred by NATO and politicians and governments as were not referredany other invites.

In contrary in some occasions they did send someone else instead pretended I would have lost what would have been a proof that it is really me and did send a spy to places where NOONE else would have gained access.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/20/2023.


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