Saskia Charlotte Junker

and my bank account GLS bank Hamburg geany

And maybe someone can find out as well who and why mechwa and other people eversince 2012 did have access to my data and bank account at the GLS bank where I opened an account in 2010,
Why they did let declare me there for insane or tied to do so and why in 2021 they were instructed to NOT give me possibility to talk to the person where I OPENED the bank account and who would have recognized me or why they in 2016 when I had a personal appointment with that banc employee the next time I went there Infiltrated a state agent instead..

The card expired in 2021 and the bank respectively the dangerous criminals and persecutors prevented that I could receive a new working card.

At least it was possible to make bank transfers to a payout station of them.

Yes. There is a dispot of 6000.

I was granted that dispot in 2017 when I applied for the cruisejob for the preinvesents costs in the believe I wouldake a lot of money with working on the cruise ships and be able to pay back the debts within the half of the contract.
But as you know Costa baby boy have directives in 2017 to fire me just after the expenses having been contacted by wissing that his role in the intrigue would now start.alrewdu in 2017 that son of a bitch started in cooperation with wissing to persecute me!

Anyways ..

The bank account of GLS Hamburg is IBAN
DE39 4306 0967 2049 6656 00, card possibility to get a new one.

Same counts for my bank account in the Netherlands where I had a bank account while I was studying at the radboud university and the homeschool van Arnhem and Nijmegen which required to have a dutch bank account seen I was living in the Netherlands.
They pretended to have send me a new card to an improvisors post address but that person who pretended to help me refused to put for 2 weeks my name on her letterbox which made it impossible for the postman to deliver a bank card.
I guess Janina maria did sorprese per Seen she is possessed to prevent that any post would reach me.
But is the bank account my car I durance is paid from as additional proof that the car is my car even though it is registered on the name.of an acquaintance seen I did not have a residence in Germany.

Regardsechww. She denied everything that did regard the bank account surveillance as she denied everything anyway she did and contributed to when I confronted her in 2016 in person.
Sure. Seen we know by now that she was involved into all experiments eversince my birth.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/21/2023.


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