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my bank account at the Norisbank geanu

And maybe someone can co trol why my bank account at the Norisbank Germany became surveilled in 2014 onwards and my phonecalls with them became circumnavigated to a Mrs Hasenbein.
There are still three hundred euros on that account but as well there the card is all long in 2018 expired.

And yes there was once a huge amount of money transferred in was the money that originated in the life insurances from the Heinrich Kempchen Stiftung Marienburger Modell (so NOT to be taxed. Already all long taxed) and which I then reinvested Into reliable invesentfonds from which I financed university and education and where there were taxes to be paid, I paid as well the taxes but I had made investments where the taxes were already paid off beforehand.

I know that VERY well because I had a tax accountant as well in 2010 to 2012 when doing my tax declaration seen I started to get self employed there with shiatsu energywork wellness.

All documented at the Finanzamt Hamburg, Germany .

Where if I had got back self-employed in Germany before 2017 or 2020 I even in the first years would not have paid any tax seen my expenses still had exceeded my income.

So. Who wants to co tell as well that account

338719800, I opened that account while I still was in highschool living in muelheim an der Ruhr.

Another reason Unpublished all those bank accounts is because it is a valid location proof of my place of residence and seen at that time I paid a lot with card and not cash you have as well exact location documentations throughout the last 20 years through this.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/21/2023.


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