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I normallydo not speak about patients but he forces me to

Leo are Lennie Giacomo Costa and "vito" both of them approached me in MY role as therapist and life coach.

Vito pretended to have a sleep deficiency and stuttering issue because he was told about me being able to help with sleep issues through shiatsu and he had been told that I owned from my speech therapy study a book about therapy approached with people who stutter.

Lennie Leo are Giacomo Costa approached me to TEACH and train him to be more sensitive and to connect more to mature and energy as I do.

None of them told me before that they once had been in psychiatries or prisons or that they were on psychofatmaca or did consume psychedelic drugs. One pretended to take it as a pain killer but it was a lie.

I do not give treatments to people who were in psychiatrist or in prison.

They are not my clients!

In the coaching on energy and nature connection I suggested to Leo Lennard Costa the movie avatar because it explains energy and empathy and respect to mature that he evidently lacked (he was afraid of dust and soil investing even 5000dollar to insist his car and each and every dayorning and evening accurately trying to remove each and every dust korrel from his car, he tried to kick a cat because he does not like cats, he insulted constantly squirrels and called them rats, he never wanted to walk really in mature and the national parks but only wanted to watch it from the inside screen of the car, and he was evidently afraid of emotions).

So I recommended him the movie avatar and the book by Michael ende about Jim Knopf and the movie the guardians seen it had caused a crying reaction a finally real emotion to that client vito who i had hoped to be able to reconnect to energy.

But as said. I did not know that both had serious dangerous mental disturbances.

They did identify themselves with PITCH BLACK and Lennie Leonard Costa identified himself with the SKY people becUse he is a pilot and seems to pretend and copy other people's behaviours or postures to manipulate them..

This is the reason I NEVER give treatments to people who are on alcohol, drugs, psychodrlic substances (Leo said even once he would have loved to have a psychodrlic mushroom because it would help him to see better) or who have been in prison or in Psychiatrie or on psychofsrmaka.

Because they need a different expert.

And not me.

I am a life coach, an authenticity coach, an energy worker and enhance authenticity and energy and empathy.

Not sth else.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/23/2023.


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