Saskia Charlotte Junker

serial killer fascist Leo/Lennie/Lennard/Leonardo Giacomo cos

There are indications that that insane and mentally disturbed person throughout his persecution fell in love with me and seems to think that if he murders everyone he would impress me.


And when will all others be arrested.

I repeat.

I do not even know that person.
I saw him for 4 weeks from mid April to 10 the of May.

Ever after I never saw him again and that's the only good thing about him.

That after 10th of May I never saw that person again.

But there are people who seriously say that would have married me to that son of a bitch.

How dare people at all to marry a person without asking to people they do not even know or by whom they were abused or Neuro raped?

I am 38 in March.

And I am NOT disabled or anything like that.

But even worse.

He thinks like all those fascist i quisition creatures that empathy is a crime and seems to have started to murder everyone I ever went in empathy with thinking he would impress me by that!

Who is that dangerous AND mentally disturbed person with an in addition selective perception disorder.

Still he insists I would have asked him to surprise me with things he would do without telling me before using his disgression.

I NEVER told him to make me surprised and I for sure NEVER told him to use his disgression.

Nicholas coffee always said to people to use their disgreesion,
NOT me.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/24/2023.


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