Saskia Charlotte Junker

the ex SS, SA and extinction camp commanders of Malcesine

Gianni Trimeloni , Gianni Danti, Gianni Giramonti?(or only his parents seen he was as well in the extreme Nazi political party, now forbidden),

Camela Zeni, her husband (he was architect of baita delle forti on top of monte baldo, they always refused to tell me his name nomatter how often I asked),

The mother of Andrea Dorigoni,

Alma Bommartini

Augusto (the old electrician, albi was scared when Iade Antifa comments in the presence of that person),

Antonio Romagnoli,

Maura Trimeloni,

Orietta tobaldini ??? Or just involved to the roman inquisition

Patrizio Sala
Vito lapetina località osteria vecchia 5 ricoli Affi,

The two twins of Club Hotel Olivi tennis hotel (at least one of them they still allow guests who have needles with the Hitler Hakenkreuz)

Who else?!?

Eventually the family that own baits delle forti?

Many more probably...

Maybe to be found in the town administration ofalcesine, Brenzone and peschiera?!?


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/24/2023.


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