Natalie Kurz


Let me live
Please let me live again
Ive been out of time for so long

Let me live
Let the sun shine on my face again
I want to feel its warmth touching me

Where is the life that I lived once?
Where is the flame that burnt in my soul?

Searching for hope
And searching for a away
To get through this
That others call their life

I cant believe
That this is everything
That this is real life
With all its sides

But taught to feel free
Not knowing
But taught to know

This cant be life
But I want to live

Let me live
Let me get to know the feeling
What its like to be free

Let me live
Please release me from this place
I want to spread my wings and fly away

Away to search for life
The real and unspoiled life
That waits for me

I want to live


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Natalie Kurz.
Published on on 09/07/2004.


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