Saskia Charlotte Junker

list of countries i have traveled throughout my 38long life

So Mr idiots who make polemics about me knowing sth about USA or would have given info away..


I am a traveler and have always been and made friends from all countries of the world throughout my life and I am pretty sure that most of them did sooner or later insignias on me , as soon as they realized that there were some psychopathic state agents and psychopathic fascists stalking me...

So here the list of countries I either traveled to
Or made once friends with even though they later might have been corrupted or sorptrsser.
The indignata are for sure still there. And with friends i mean having met them for enough time to can call them friends.

Netherlands, Canary islands, turkey, Tunisia, Sweden, Norway, Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Greece, Canada, Russia (friends that i shared rooms with for one week in 2015), Brazil, people from all over the world who work on cruise ships (Caribbean eg. I guess this is the reason you cancelled my flights to the Caribbean because I would have had friends there), Phillipines, Africa, Egypt, turkey, Denmark, Switzerland (all kantons), Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Albania, Lebanon, Spain, Portugal, Estonia, Latvia, Austria, Marocco, united kingdom, Scotland, New Zealand, France, Bulgaria, Dubai, Jordanian, Costa Rica(i think they tried to corrupt a soul mate and he realized me in danger and offered me then sth to eat during an excursion,explains the frequency shift but it was no drug), panama, Nicaragua (when soulmates came to know i would consider to travel there and already knew about the situation),

And many many more countries...

So.. Mr fucked up USA government..

You try to imprison me here because you are afraid that as well other countries will have my knowledge while YOU did steal all knowledge I came to know in my previous travels and places...
Quite egoistic..don't you think so?!?

And it is useless because everyone is updated 24 hours later.
It is easy to reconnect.

You might have stolen and destroyed my communication organ and you made experiments and illigal crime Neuro monitoring...


All you did had been doxumented as well for others...
Because your insignias are NOT your secret but knowledge that YOU stole from populations that use them for centuries and before you even knew what this is...

And now you pretend it to be your secret!?!

What's wrong with you?!?!!!!

This is world is knowledge of the Kosmos and always has been.

Who do you think you are to claim it yours and to decide who should have it?!? Are you the Vatican and Satan or what who would abuse that knowledge for control and sorpressono!?!

And probably several countries I don't even know the name anymore

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/25/2023.


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