Saskia Charlotte Junker

they deceived not only me but as well Alberto giramonti

Please do NOT start to bother is NOT his fault what happened to me.
They instrumentalized him from the beginning.

Alberto did gave me all his savings to help me survive during the last two years.
And even asked a credit to try to help me book a flight out of the USA in September.

But that Leo ardo Lennie if April 2022 destroyed not only my life but as well Alberto's.

He did think he could force me to fall in love and did let cancel all flights and then if it did not turn out the way he wanted he did let declare me for insane and said I would have stolen his credit card to control wherever i would be.

If someone wants to help..
Please do help as well Alberto economically because he has now nothing, eventually  even his relationship with his new girlfriend in piedmont is destroyed due to the people who destroyed my life.

And I am now homeless.
And criminal Joe Biden wants to let declare me for insane and let me die in the streets as soany homeless in America.
because I know more than he knows about the world and is afraid of what happens if I go out of the USA.

And who dares to think that i ever would forgive Lennie what he did to me and those who were important for me.must be insane.

Alberto with whom I was together in 2018 was my last real friend even though he was not able regards the post but I suspect his fuxked up lake Garda surrounding even though he keeps defending them.

I saved a few hours to be in the warmth by investing 13 dollars of my last cashmoney to go and watch a late night movie in the cinema.

My flight that the asshole did cancel on 7tg of September would have gone to Madeira. A place where I have another friend who would have been able to let me live for free in a house he owns.
The living costs on Madeira would have been as well much lower .so albi could have been able to help me even more.

And evtl it would have been possible to resolve the chaos in Europe.

But NO..Lennie Leonardo Lennard of April 2022 caused that innocent people have been murdered in Europe, I am a homeless, my last real friend bankrupt and a lot of other terrible things that happened.

So..please ..those who would like to support me financially would they please as well compensate Alberto giramonti from porto Brenzone because he is now again fully dependent on his fuxked up ignorant disrespectful family who did treat him throughout his life only with disrespect and rather as a slave than as a brother or son.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/25/2023.


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