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Identityhefts at BWI airport Maryland 09/22

I think I gonna write a book that is only focused on all the airport stories because there are so many and I published only 2 or three so far.

A little inquiry that took a few months revealed another crime that took place at BWI airport in September

Identity theft.

My flights were not cancelled entirely.

It was just inhibited that I would be taking the flight.
This was as well the reason the delays airlines employee walked away with my passport.

Eventually someone else was checked in or she was given a for me destined new passport inclusive green card for special skills.

Yes. Indeed. I was very surprised about learning about his that my endless contact tries towards Pentagon and governments had finally the effect that they realized my real profile.

But they were fooled as soany or one of them inhibited it.
However someone else received this new issued passport inclusive a Greencard for special skills seen I am on frequency energywork and scientific field highly specialized with rare knowledge and capacities.

This means there is a person in the Caribbean pretending to be me, then there probably is a person on Madeira pretending to be me because strangely only the first ticket was cancelled, the ticket for the flight to Madeira was still in the system and there might be people pretending to be me in Nicaragua and panama.

Why those latter destinations?
Nicaragua is one of the few destinations where private planes are not allowed and a son of a bitch bought with the stolen billion worth compensation that was intended by some of lake Garda after their co tributino to experiments and abuse ,he bought a private plane and private pilot to persecute me wherever he wants without being caught in the controls.

And Nicaragua does not allowed private planes.
As well it is one of the south American countries with the most cultural diversity and the lowest  percentage of ram Catholics.

And there is lots of beautiful nature and in addition less overrun by sensationalust standard tourists but visited by travelers who still know to respect and adore the true nature.
And then Nicaragua's President supports Russia respectively shows the same comprehension for Russia's motivation due to similar knowledge that I have and cannot share due to that it is above top confidential and i have no interest to share it.

But it was prevented by fascists and disgusting fascists even were spreading rumours they would have managed to have there similar to lake Garda and Greece a hidden concentration camp underground where they tortured native empathetic populations.

And Panama? Panama i saw from the cruise ship when I was working there and it looked beautifully green with lots of forest on the one hand.
And panama is one of the easiest country to get an additional citizenship without complications and without needing to give up all other rights or citizenships (not that Europe has given me reason so far to keep it but you never know, so it would be stupid to give up a passport too fast from Germany).

But ALL flight bookings became sabotages. Respectively my attempts then to take the flight.

And in addition there is something else that gives proof of people in the Caribbean wasting my money and pretending to be me.

Someone commented recently that Alberto would have stolen all myoney and would have made up stories that he would be bankrupt and he would be in the Caribbean.

Alberto is NOT in the Caribbean.

But eversince 2 years there are people who constantly confuse the dangerous multiple described person localita osteria vecchia 5 of 2020 with Alberto.
People saying Alberto would be a rapist and a terrorist.

No.. absolutely not.

So it looks as if that son of a bitch of 2020 did steal Albis insignas and vaccines etc.. and this already in 2018 or even earlier...

Because people say as well it would have been albi to let enter the dangerous rapist into villa 40domigliara into our hotel room and would have watched everything.

I guarantee you that he did not do that!!!
He was as shocked as I was and wanted only to almost run away the next morning and getting away from that place of terrible nightmares that were no nightmare at all but he hoping we would have been just at the wrong place at the wrong time.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/25/2023.


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