Saskia Charlotte Junker

about nicknames and people who think one can only have one

Where I come from nicknames are normal.
Even more.
Where I come from one can use either the first name or the middle name and it can even appear only one of the names on certificates or bank cards or health insurance.

And nicknames?

Well one receives a lot during ones lifetime.

Well.. according to my name that is my full name everyone knows already that I can either use saskia or Charlotte or saskia Charlotte and I made use of it already during my elementary school surprising everyone that i stood up on the first day of elementary school in 1991 stating that i would prefer to be called Charlotte and not saskia and so it was inclusive the evaluations on official paper .

Then there were a lot of nicknames throughout my life..

Some self chosen within travel others that came to me or chosen by others:

Charlet, Cha, Charlie, Lotte, Motte, Charlini

Peachez (from speechless because I was speechless by beautiful avocado trees and an wonderful lookout above the sea, the person did not understand and understood several time peachez instead of speechless, so the nickname was born).

Of course as well my abbreviations used in the nursing home where I worked as initials ChaJu and as well I used that chai abbreviation eversince I picked up writing in 2010  as an authors abbreviation.
And of course I have a name connected to nature and my artists and singer songwriter and poetry dedication.

There are evidently stupid persons in this world who thought it would be different persons or different personalities.

Are you insane? Those who thought it and believed those Dangerous criminals who tried to decontestualozed my nicknames as shizophrene or as multiple personality even decontestualozing reference book entries that i would have them all written myself with different writing styles pretending it would be a proof for a personality vanity shizophrenia disorder of multiple personality.


Let's talk about that bullshit of multiple personality.

This is the fault of passive aggressive fries Heinz Theodor junker who REALLY evidently lived different life's with different masks he put on every time.
And in 2014 he scared me so much with this that i asked Dr Werner siems of a person I know eventually would have a multiple personality disorder and what this exactly would mean if so.

But I never mentioned the name of the person
Criminal fries Heinz Theodor junker was part of the experiments listing state agents, right?

So he had INSIGNA access and wanted to take revenge.

Revenge for what?
He with that without consent illigal.neuromonitoring gave PROOF that there was something wrong with him!!!


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/25/2023.


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