Saskia Charlotte Junker

salvation army revisited

Remember the publications I'm which I mentioned the experimental crimes of the fake charity organisations such as salvation army California and similar where they put people into categories and test various substances on them and monitor them?!

Well.. i know because they SOLD ME TO SALVATION ARMY.

COULD SOMEONE figure out WHO was the person who just admitted to "have sold her to salvation army" ?!?!

Because now it is official that they sold me as an experiment to that dangerous organisation.

WHO was the person telling me to go to food bank San Luis Obispo on the first day he met me?!?




I did not know about it before it happened.

I just knew there is free food and Alberto had been prevented from sending me money and he was caused an ACCIDENT which was made look like as if it was his fault even coincidentally in April just after I arrived in San Luis Obispo...

So I did go there but did NOT evidently register with my real name there seen the persecution...

Another lie by Lennie.he had said it would be anonymous and no registration needed while he KNEW it.
Anyways i used the name Julie Millers.

But very soon figured out that the food was drugged with weird things and stopped to go there.

But in one of the nights shortly after that I had a violent i trusion into the shag that stands behind the Sam Luis Obispo hostel someone even said afterwards "this was a nice trip Charley" laughing out loud and I woke up with needle injection dots at my neck.

So WHO THE FUXK is the person who said
"I SOLD her to salvation army"....

Is this the reason they try so hard to make me homeless without money to even buy food ? Because they hope i would go again and ask food?!

I received confirmation already in San Diego when I figured out that they put the people into categories to whom specific food is given
They put people on psychofarmaca without asking on contraception without asking adding abortives without asking and who knows how many more horrible things...
The day after I found out for sure about salvation army they did let declare me for insane on Californian scale by people I never talked to before.

And they tried the same in all states of the USA where salvation army is present.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/25/2023.


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