Antonio Justel Rodriguez


... oh if we could see, one by one, the faces of justice and peace, of joy and freedom;
And oh if their spectra of light fit into our consciousness and life at that moment,
and each one of us glowed within with his incredible power;
oh, oh me...!
well, imagine me, could I be writing these few verses of humble lines...?
and scared and crying, would he...? ... and you - tell me - can you think about it?
... justice and peace, joy and freedom...!!!
and it is that there are moments - you know well, you know - in which, in total vigilance and sidereal silence,
[in a sublime and unfading instant]
suddenly a hymn or ode appears that breaks in and always comes, always from beyond,
And growing, and flowing, and drawing closer,
until a wind of deep love and fire, burns and demolishes the soul,
which sigh of a sublime autumn of immortal transit;
... XXI century and analogue: 2019 and April in its 9th day and in its 21st hour:
[the enormous and planetary struggle between light and darkness is vile and terrible, excessive and cruel]
never, never did Humanity see its own soul sphinx and the great possibilities of it, never,
and time - calling us - is sprouting fickle, unstable and fast,
unexpected and brutal, weightless, without memory, crude and liquid...
... and as such, he, himself, in an absolutely spontaneous and final way,
at the aforementioned 21st hour, plus a few minutes,
- come now -
it is giving for closed and conclusive, this term, living and mine, with which creation is for me.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Antonio Justel Rodriguez.
Published on on 02/05/2023.


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