Antonio Justel Rodriguez

TWILIGHT: short chant

… this rumor, this vibrant anointing as I walk and think and feel alone,
this unknowable being of fire and air,
- the one I intuit and smell and accompanies me -
is the light;
and no, it didn't come in my clothes, it would be here, through the bushes,
waiting for me;
…ah, if you were with me now and could touch your golden sparkles,
- or inhale its essence of peace, river and thyme -
If they could, I say, fly and burn their hearts with him and in him,
Ah, how much could we talk about,
how much;
… In the distance, and like an immortal guide, he has risen with his flaming sword and has torn the sky;
but I know that he is here with the tongues of the soul,
among this hubbub of stubble and poplars and birds burning me under the lute of being,
the flame in which to live;
… by my side, flirting, the last two butterflies have passed, being and sharing the afternoon and the world;
Oh, instant, oh, oh joy!
Antonio Justel


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Antonio Justel Rodriguez.
Published on on 02/12/2023.


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