Harry Schlo▀macher

Animal world only with herbivores would be heavenly-peaceful

                                                                                             (if herbivores could talk...)

Let's say animals could also think and speak like we do. There would be, for example, a giant cape buffalo that is brutally eaten by lions on all corners of its body (As it can also be seen more and more often on TV, because the glorification of "Mother Nature" is gradually coming to an end).



The peaceful herbivorous buffalo is writhing in excruciating pain before he dies and is constantly screaming loudly for help. "These bastards are actually eating me alive, you won't believe it!" A cold-hearted person tries to appease him from a safe distance. Calls out to him: "Dear buffalo, just accept it. The lions can't help it. They have a noble motive, they'll eat you for food. Not like humans, who occasionally kill for no reason - albeit quickly and almost painlessly."



The buffalo: "Are you stupid, man, one way or another I'll have to die, even if it's almost painless with homo sapiens - which I would of course prefer. Ultimately, however, both are - sorry - shit! Motive or not. Become more peaceful and Peace-loving herbivores never understand anyway that there are brutally bad, born killers in the animal world, these oh so noble carnivores. If there were only us herbivores, how peaceful the animal world would be. Why are there these stupid lions, tigers, leopards at all , hyenas, wild dogs, etc, only?

We harmless herbivores could live much better and much longer without them... But these tigers, panthers and jaguars are so beautiful to you and have such great fur. To hell with them! This is distracting refrain from their sadistic-murderous outrages."



                                                                                            The ox's last stammered words were,


                                                                                            "What are you saying, stupid human?

                                                                                             And thank you for your sympathy..."

PS. It is therefore advisable to actively eradicate predators of all kinds. Or concentrating them all in one area where starvation leaves them with no choice but to tear each other apart or eat each other alive. Then see how nice it is. And at some point, the last of the killing machines kill each other. The cannon fodder herbivore would no longer be there...




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Published on e-Stories.org on 03/08/2023.


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