Harry Schlo▀macher

FromStupidity to AlienDiscovery:The 6 Astro Technique Levels!


 If you don't have powerful (space) telescopes, you'll stay stupid forever!

Sedentary intelligences

Astro-technology level 0 =
 civilization has no binoculars/telescopes and therefore does not know what is happening outside of its planet/large moon. Wrong ideas like "The sun revolves around the earth" cannot be refuted in this way either.

You think you are the center of the world.

Astro-Technology Level 1 =
civilization knows the first binoculars and notices that their sun does not revolve around the planet, but vice versa. "Terra-Egocentric" gets the first cracks ...

Astro-technology level 2 =
civilization knows the first telescopes and learns that many other planets + moons orbit the sun.

But thinks only this one solar system exists.

 Astro Engineering Level 3 =
Civilization has better telescopes and now knows that there are many solar systems forming a galaxy.

But again means: That's the end of it now, there is only that one Milky Way.

Technical Civilization

Astro-Technology Level 4 =
Civilization now has many (space) telescopes that are even more powerful than their predecessors...

...and now knows that there are many galaxies that form a universe.

 Highly Technical Civilization

 Astro-Technology Level 5 =
 Civilization has extraordinarily powerful (space) telescopes that are able to image numerous atmospheres of terrestrial planets in foreign solar systems.

These can now be analyzed.

Astro Engineering Level 6 =
Civilization expands its efforts until atmospheres appear that suggest alien intelligences...


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